Jamaal  Pollard also musically known as Mali Music  was  already a secular / mainstream artist, though he has gone from the gospel title more-so accept the secular/mainstream  title wherein he could acquire more fame and fortune  . Matthew 4:4-8 kJv and Luke 4


If Jesus Christ did not sell out to the kingdom’s of the world, why should gospel artist representatives willingly sell out? Gifting to “perform” and a passion for Jesus that could ever be severed by top dollars?


Notorious B.I.G. song Hypnotize music is sampled in the background of Mali’s song titled”Beautiful” remix version, the other has the  original video features the stripper pole dancing.

Channeling spirits

Where does the Mali Pollard’s music sound come from?  I hear something extra in it. The strange thing is that at the account of  Pollard’s family the  Phoenix Arizona artist has not always carried this  musical style sound  (i.e. reggae and heavy  accent and his whole sound et) which he is known for now, and  his family did not know how got this sound, and he did not know himself according to his response in the interview. Then what is it

Though some “gospel” fans expressed  disappointment for Mali‘s musical transition,  many of them will  become devoted fans of his new secular  career as well.