Twenty two-year-old Natasha Stover spent close to two years working as a farmhand on a dairy farm on Poorman Street in Navarre. It was a job that her friends say she embraced and enjoyed.

“She knew how to do everything that most modern women can’t do. She crocheted. She sewed. She worked with animals,” said JJ Parson, a friend of Stover’s family.

She also knew how to sight a BB gun. That’s what she was said to be doing when 79-year-old Ralph Adams mistook her for a groundhog in the grass, went and got his gun and shot Stover in the head.

Pastor Wayne Maddy, of the Tree of Life Church, was there just minutes after the shooting.

“When he saw what he had done he was absolutely hysterical. The man is so kind, and for him to have done that he would have traded places with her so fast you would not have been able to see the transaction,” Maddy said.

Stover was rushed to the hospital but later died. Within hours of her death, her Pastor says Stover’s family visited the farm to offer Adams forgiveness.  Stover’s mom was said to have lifted Adams up in prayer almost immediately after she found out her daughter had been shot.

“She said, oh Lord Bless Ralph, she said just embrace him. That was one of the first things she said,” said Maddy. “There’s no evidence in my mind that Ralph did anything – guilty of anything.”