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A distressed driver plowed through a large crowd in a Houston neighborhood, which is so disturbed one resident thinks everyone is dancing with the devil.

“The devil has taken over this whole apartment complex. This ain’t nothing but Satan’s playground,” Deshonna Smith said in a KHOU video.
Mounting tensions in the wake of a murder revved up Smith’s fiancé, Louis Anthony III, to drive through a massive crowd, she said.

Anthony, the father of the murder suspect Louis Anthony IV, slammed on the gas pedal after someone threw a bicycle at their silver vehicle.
“He was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon,” Officer Jodi Silva told the Daily News.

Smith, who was in the passenger’s seat, had to grab the wheel after Anthony leapt from the car while it was still in motion. A police officer immediately restrained him.

“The bike would have hit me in my face. He turned the car so it would hit the hood,” Smith said. “That’s when the other dude came around and punched him in his face. And that’s when the car went up on the middle of the median right there.”

Cameramen already on-site to cover the murder captured the shocking moment the car careened through a crowd.
The whole incident stemmed from the fatal shooting of Demarkus Harrison, 20, at the apartment complex.