Exodus 20:12 KJV Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee. It is biblical.

If you have a mother that is something very well to be thankful for  and to be real about it.  Love is surely an action word. Give her flower while she is living and can smell them, not while she is stretched out. Though every mother may not like flowers that is figurative and simply displaying to give honour to your mother, and  not only her but your father.

Giving honour to whom is due is not something just only to be cherished on mother’s day because of what everybody is doing,  but everyday that God  allows your mother to be in your life.

Even if someone is not a mother or father, they may be able to help someone along the way. I have seen people who are not mothers and fathers biologically, but they have helped rear children. Some of them are actually in the child’s best interest above the parents, but they may often hear things deterrent to them such as “oh they are not a mother or they are not a father”.  They are pretty sure of that already. They know they are not the parent and some are old enough to be parents. They may be  aunts, uncles etc, but they should be receive some honour and respect still from the child.  Sometimes often children often respond according the parents. Children often today will speak to adults as if they are talking to a child, and that is not only from the time wherein there might be too many yeah’s, hunh’s, and what’s which have replaced old yes, pardon, sir, ma’am,excuse me’s, mr., mrs. which was often directed  to elders, but behavioral wise as well as we have seen in the news kids are abusing parents.  Though it is not everywhere it is has become epidemic of disrespect, and it is disintegrating across the land.  Romans 13:37KJV Render therefore to all their dues:tribute to whom tribute is due;custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour.

Thank you. Although there are some who do not have living mothers, and some times it seems hard when they are not here physically anymore, but Jesus is our help to get us through everything and every situation in life. We are to depend on him.   If you led your mother to the  Lord Jesus Chrirst or vice versa that is the greatest gift  in life they could have ever given, and there is a real joy to knowing you will see her again. If you had mother praise God for the time that He allowed you to share. There are some people  who never even had that experience. I had a friend years ago who was adopted and never who her real mother was and she left never the world never knowing her biological mother nor father. She did not express a harden or stricken pain over it or missing what she never had as far as dwelling of course she probably wondered why she does not have what others have, but that cross anyones mind a some time. There are certain situation that may seem unfortunate to man, but God knows all about it even seemingly unexplainable. He knows about it and  The True and Living God is able  to get you through it. He will place people in your life at times, but most of all he will be there. Praise the LORD

Romans 13:37 KJV honour to whom honour is due.