Pastor Charles Jenkins

Pastor Charles Jenkins

EEZ reports that a nude photo of  new age pastor and songwriter  Charles Jenkins from  Fellowship Missionary Baptist has been over on the internet. An unidentified woman has leaked out the photo as an attempt to get money owed from her being formerly employee with the ministry. The alleged photo shows Jenkins in the bathroom mirror brushing his teeth. Whomever he sent the picture allegedly sent out other sent out and has been online, reportedly comedian Smiley posted way to Pastor Charles Jenkins nude, but has now apologize on his page because he allegedly did not know the link had the pastor nude?


From Smiley the apology is more than likely a joke.

The issue  of  pastors sending nude photos is like what in the world. Man of the cloth wearing no cloth clothes?   “Best of both world” is Jenkins album cover title?  There may be many meanings that title, but these bathroom pastor photos is becoming an epidemic. The devil is something else.   He likely needs to apologize and sit down, but hireling their purpose is not kingdom of God. Charles Jenkins is said to have a wife and 2 children, but his  photo is hands of unidentified person?  Jenkins has a lot going on, though married and some allege the upside same gender attraction. Although it is fairly evident Jenkins has been living a double life, who is the lady who is unidentified person? The individual sent the photos to a man name Mcray, and he oust  Jenkins online on his website.    Today because of many of these types of pastors (because it is not all) and others like that are being regarded with whatever gift and whatever they are affluent in, such as preaching singing still goes on because  being accountable examples is not popular. It is not a focus often. Sad world today.  People will often follow charisma, so when the pastor audition and puts on a good show they are hired by trustee and dignitaries. Often times the set up the positions as well is granted by being apart of secret organization such as fraternities etc.

Charles Jenkins is a hireling,  and his agenda clearly is not the gospel Jesus Christ. His pastoral job is not accompanied with lifestyle (sending naked pictures in the bathroom while brushing teeth). It is just a mere job and one that should not be taken, when they have not truly given their hearts to Christ because when they have not done so, it leads many astray sometimes and in this case thousands.  Jenkins was chosen years back to succeed  Rev. Clay Evans at the baptist church. Pastor Evans ordained Rev? Jesse Jackson which sadly lets you know a lot.

Eddie Long, Deitrick Haddon had these similar experiences and they are all still leading people.

Why is this pastor Jenkins nude, naked, birth suit? Put on some clothes man! He says don’t box him in. Iccon man?