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Long pictured in a silly Roman Catholic Attire to the front in the red Zuchetto

Long pictured in a silly Roman Catholic Attire to the front in the red Zuchetto

Recent news have circulated regarding the newly appointed Apostle Eddie Long/Eddie Wrong who may have been attacked on last Sunday by a parishioner. The New Birth Missionary Baptist posted Eddie’s sermon title “Don’t get distracted” The video starts in a very awkward place of Eddie saying “See.. Let me just take that little thing cause I ain’t worried, let me just take that little thing cause I ain’t worried. He was in uproar about something.  The video posted was about  2 minutes 42seconds long. Eddie Long went on in very vague manner without in regard as to exactly he was talking about.  With  a large auditorium filled with thousands of people surely somebody has the other portions of that service. After Eddie Long’s uproar statements of “let me just take that little thing”, the audience went out control running up to the altar. In praise to who? Not God. People come on.


Time out. That is boastful, not humble man act as though he has not molested those kids.



Some people might not be aware that the know that middle symbol implemented in the sign is not the cross, so take it off the wall.  It is a  baphomet broken cross. If you are still wondering it is the upside pitchfork imagery that is located where “i” in birth is supposed to be. This emblem is placed and featured outside the church, inside the church of New Birth Missionary’s several locations .  nbmnewbirthcharlotte The place has been sanctified onto dagon.

New Birth: Ichabod the glory  has departed. The glory of the Lord has departed, if it was ever there.  Now the congregation can keep returning, sit down and think about, but it would be better off just leaving. It is a choice for your soul. Entertainment, and just mockery.


To bring a bit more clarity to the video which was started in disconnected /puzzling spot, here is a Facebook comment written about what went on at that strange service on Sunday

“It was written regarding the incident of the young man who rushed the pulpit as Bishop Long was speaking during the second service. He (the young man) had to be taken down by security so as not to cause anyone any injuries. A previous commenter spoke about the timing of this occurrence and Bishop Long’s statement, “don’t get distracted.” Bishop Long is a great prophet and orrator, so of course he can take a situation no matter how quickly or long ago it happened, and make it part of his sermon.”



Eddie Long’s message was  “Don’t get distracted”. Don’t get distracted  from a tight suit wearing, muscle flexing, child molester? That might be a bit much.


Eddie Long Makes it a part of his sermon?

Shortly after the molestation case wherein Long was  accused of  molesting 4-5 vulnerable underage young boys, did he make it a part of his sermon by saying  “I am like David like I have 5 stones and I ain’t thrown one yet” – Eddie Long.  Wow!

Would it ever taken some time, only a minute or so for Eddie Long to tell the truth besides all the beating around the bush. People entrusted their kids to their pastor and the youth program, and it is a  cruel thing done on top of not apologizing and what makes it worse is that he is not sitting down but leading.  Despite truth,  people  are still attending because the New Birth. Although the attendance went down after the molestation, but it  is now basically  running over with people on the balcony, main room, vestaview. Men love to take a seat in darkness that is what’s going on.   It could be the backroom, front room, bathroom wherever they can get in the building because they would rather believe a lie than the truth. Sad .

2 Thessalonians 2:2:11-13 KJV gives a great description


Eddie Long can take a situation and Make it a part of his sermon?

Shortly after the molestation trial there was a service posted on Youtube wherein a disguised lady walks up and gives him a large bundle of cash while he is preaching ( that was stage a part of the sermon, she looked very a bit rough dress-wise, and looked as though she needs the money more than the man dressed in tailored suit), so we have seen a number of skits from Eddie over at the New Birth Missionary even with Raul Avila prophecy to Eddie Long, Neil Ellis set up prophecy to Eddie Long,  and Ralph Messer wrapping Long in the torah stroll all these episodes have been since  Long’s molestation trials. There is a lot of staging and theatrics added to his sermon if that what members think about Eddie adding to his sermon talking about. Eddie does not admit to truth, nor step down which is in part geared to elite organization by which he is a part of and lead by.Eddielong

It is already apparent. It is a sad thing when you go to church and feel comfortable in your sins. That is what.




Matthew 15:13KJV

13 But he answered and said, Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up.

14 Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.