According to the Global United Fellowship, the first pastors meeting of the Global United Fellowship was held last week at the Embassy Suites in Winston Salem, NC as presiding Bishop Neil C. Ellis passionately outlined the overall mission, specific ministerial touchstones; organizational structure and key appointments of the Fellowship – which in only eight months has remarkably amassed more than 300 churches around the world.



The man in the center says it all backing this fellowship. It shows exactly these people are puppets for always.

“This is a fellowship, not a denomination” was a major point that Bishop Ellis communicated throughout the meeting, while describing one of the Fellowship’s five prongs: Uniting the Body of Christ. “The Body of Christ is now fragmented,” says Bishop Ellis, “therefore, we are not maximizing all that can be done to build and uphold the kingdom of God here on earth. Global United Fellowship is inclusive of pastors and parent church ministries of any denomination that desires to move forward the spiritual mandates of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

GUF’s illustrious group of Vice Presiding Bishops was announced as follows: Bishop Joby Brady (The Potter’s House of North Dallas)


Bishop Sheldon McCarter (Greater Cleveland Avenue Christian Church; Winston Salem, N.C.)sheldonmcarter;

Bishop Rudolph McKissick Jr. (Bethel Baptist Institutional Church; Jacksonville, FL)rudolphjr,

and Bishop Designate Dr. Carolyn Showell (First Apostolic Faith Church; Baltimore, MD)carolshowell.

In addition to Bishop Designate Dr. Showell, who will oversee operational structure, three additional GUF Bishopric Candidates were announced:

Bishop Designate Dr. John E. Guns (St. Paul Church; Jacksonville, FL)who will assume responsibility for Christian Education;


Bishop Designate Dr. William H. Murphy Senior (Greater Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church; Detroit, MI) who will serve as the Father of the Fellowship and Chairman of the Shepherds Care Unit;


and Bishop Designate Dr. James R. Woodson II (St. James Home of Fresh  Start;Greensboro, NC) who will serve as Executive Secretary.


Other key appointments announced during the meeting included Dr. Juanita Bynum(Global Ambassador of Prayer)


and Bishop Hezekiah Walker (Bishop Over Music, Worship & The Arts)



GUF’s Executive Board & Spiritual Advisors, which include Bishop Rudolph McKissick Senior (Special Assistant to the Presiding Bishop)


Bishop Kenneth Ulmer (Apostolic Aide to the Presiding Bishop)


Jackie McCullough (Spiritual Advisor)


As the Fellowship begins to shape its leadership, nearly 80 officers were named over the two-day meeting. Further announcements of these officers are forthcoming.

Some of the criteria for memberships consist of submitting application, application fee, align with the mission statement, interview with membership committee, wait for an acceptance letter.

Some of the titles given to celebrity preachers and artists are Bishop designated. There are spiritual advisors(that is a psychic name). There is a global ambassador of prayer (There needs to be a global prayer for Juanita).  There is a bishop over music. There are just things probably rarely heard.  Extra titles are given to establish more notoriety and support for inclusion fellowship.
Yes God wants his body together, the true body of Christ, and the smoke screen people are not it.  The fellowship’s first conference will take place on July 15-18. The speakers will include Jamal Bryant, who committed adultery on his wife several times.  Bishop Tudor Bismarck, who does the hail mary sign during his sermon, will also speak. According to the broad, inclusive criteria for joining the Global United Fellowship organization, Carlton Pearson who is inclusionist would fit in. What a mess.

Away with this stuff.

Ephesians 5:11 KJV And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.