Is it not the the female congregants prerogative to wear and sustain their goods through the use of panties and bras and to be presentable, modest, decent, non exposing, so why should the pastor tell them not to wear bras and panties? It is truly never a dull moment. Well, Reverend Njohi  of The Lord’s Propeller Redemption Church has banned females congregants from wearing under garment, so they can be free in body and spirit to receive Christ?  He warned them of the consequence of secretly putting on bras and panties? Mothers were advised to check their daughter before coming to service, so they could freely receive.  According sources Nigerianwatch all female came with no under garments. Njohi’s pastors a church is located Dandora Phase Two of east suburbs of Nairobi  and is listed as one of the most polluted places in the world according to Blacksmiths Institute. Not only is the place polluted physically, but so is the pastor’s mind.