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According to the news Erica Campbell’s photo shoot upset her fans as they took to social media express their views to her.

Erica Campbell’s responded saying “When we took the picture I felt beautiful, I felt confident, I felt sexy and I felt strong.”

Erica Campbell of the popular gospel recording duo Mary Mary, appeared in photo-shoot doing “pyramid” hand sign, wearing a white hugged, snugged almost hold your breath and (inhale while you wear) dress which stirred controversy amongst her fans according to atlantablackstar news. The 41 year old singer expressed to going through weight loss last year for health reasons. I have to say having a sexy appearance seems to have become popular amongst celebrity Christians which seems to set some type of bar for the rest of non celebrity Christians? Becoming sexy is something that invokes or induces lusts.  Sex is the root word in sexy, and it is reserved unto whom ever your married to, not the world.  Being sexy is not okay.   That is not the objective for Christian men or  woman, sure sexiness will sell in cds and movies based on the ungodliness of it alone, but should Christian woman image  appearance compare to recent news about secular singer Mariah Carey’s dress for Christmas or First Lady Meagan Good’s cleavage showing outfit who expresses she to  appreciate sexuality that God gave, and thus shows it to the world.(Meagan Good and husband Devon Franklin pictured below).  Meagan expressed after Bet appearance that she basically felt no conviction for wearing  bazookas hanging out.


Eric Campbell recently went solo and her recent song “I need just a little more Jesus” good selection but is bit apparent not a little more, you need Jesus. A lot more,  but regarding Erica’s recent statement  you would have to gather modest dressing apparel is not encompassing to her. Let us cling to the Word  1 Timothy 2:9 KJV which speaks clearly about In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel.  Yes,  looking nice or presentable should be a light objective,  not being sexy, but somehow looking presentable has kicked rocks amongst the Christian community, and sexiness is the new thing.

According to Essence Magazine interview according to the photo shoot of Erica Campbell from the Mary Mary duo she states

“When we took the picture I felt beautiful, I felt confident, I felt sexy and I felt strong.

“I thought I looked cute,” she says jokingly, “but it obviously offended some people, which was never my intention.”

Campbell states she sent the photo soon after to her husband music producer Warryn Campbell and her family. “Our whole family loved it,” says her sister Tina Campbell. “You see grace, you see beauty, you see elegance and style. It’s wholesome.

“This is about confidence and realizing that God made you and that you are beautiful just the way you are,” she says. “I think that young girls shouldn’t only get sexy images from people who are not proclaiming Jesus. But I am. And I’m cute too.”

Modesty has to be conveyed to the young not sexiness,   there is especially a way to carry yourself if you are proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, necessary for  man or women. This not only exclusively important for Mary Mary but the church at large. Preachers in muscles shirts or anything apparently sexually enticing is not anything that the men should slide on either.  We understand Erica, Kirk, Yolanda, Amy  and others etc, are clearly in the priority of the music industry, and they will do things  clearly garnered after that not of Christ.marymarykissingaward The artistry and industry always demands the ungodliness, breaking of standards  amongst professing Christian people, even if it violates scripture.  True Christians would not embrace that idea  of looking sexy neither relate it  to the children to carry it out because it invokes attention in an ungodly way. According to Erica’s interviewing statement,  she acknowledged  it was not her intentions regarding the sexy thing,  so she should rectify her decisions now of having such an ungodly display and lean towards godliness now and in the future. It does start with a true relationship with Jesus Christ,  not kissing awards,  money nor promoting the imagery of sexiness.