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Bishop TD Jakes gives three main reasons pastor are committing suicide with the following

1.  Pastor are far too overworked

2. Pastors are underpaid

3. Pastor discouraged by the reactions of some of their congregation when something goes wrong.

Td Jakes who is pastor of 30, 000 of a Dallas, TX mega church,  lists some of the duties that he feels pastor usually perform. He lists that pastor are expected to perform weddings and funerals, keep track of members of the congregation who have lost their way and organize funds for the rebuilding or improvement of the church.

He goes on to express other duties of a pastor include praying for members of his church, organizing charitable events and keeping his members’ secrets and after he has done all this and much more, he must then stand up and be examined by his congregation on Sunday.

Base his let it go and reposition book, he compares a pastor to an eagle which is known as the “king of the skies” because they have similar abilities and strengths. According to Td Jakes, just like the eagle, which soars miles into the sky but can see very small objects on the ground, and never once shows his weaknesses by a lack of control, a pastor does so many things but cannot allow others to see him falter.

Td Jakes believes that pastors are similar to the eagle in many ways; however, one in particular stands out. The eagle is mainly alone in the skies. The pastor, like the eagle, has no one to talk to about his own problems.

A recent poll by the Clergy Recovery Network(CRN), shows that 64% of pastors admit that they have no one to go to when they are in need, and they don’t have anyone to share their secrets with.

The CRN poll also showed that whenever accountability groups are set up in churches to help pastors, usually they end up checking on his actions rather than helping him with his problems, according to Jakes. He added that in a recent survey of 76 pastors, only 3 of them said they used these types of groups to help them.

The pastor also has “Feet of Clay,” according the megachurch pastor. He adds that just like the vision of King Nebuchadnezzar about the colossal statue in the book of Daniel, the pastor must bear the burden of enormous responsibility and weight although he is flawed just like the statue’s feet of iron and clay.