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Bishop Larry Trotter  of Sweet Holy Spirit Church down on South Chicago Avenue, “You’re invited to our marital celebration of Love !! Tuesday December 24, 2013 6:45p.m.Sweetholyspirit church….be happy for us and pray for us..”

When the news was displayed about his engagement with a praise and worship member, who knew  what to expect? Although Bishop Trotter preaches against the same sex,  there are a lot of flamboyant turnouts excessively in his congregation.  The marriage situation for the bishop; it is a woman. She is a  younger woman almost decades younger, with 3 children. Money is not always alleviated money as factor.

Well, Bishop Trotter has done rather irrational things in the media.    Trotter made news before previously for  hanging granddaughter on a cross last year, last year bathing with his granddaughter in the bathtub, and then a photo of it went viral instagram.Trotter also did  an  illustrated sermon in his pulpit with some lyrics from hip-hop rapper Meek Mills.  Anything goes in that church from Michael Jackson worship tunes (the real albums of him singing) for a tribute (anything goes). Bishop Trotter told his congregation and socialcam back in October, wherein he explained why Christians don’t celebrate Halloween with 14 proposed reasons to be discussed in Bible Study. There he explains the powers of darkness, and he says “we are called to be children of the light not the night,” but right that he began saying  they are going to have an “alternative” at his church Sweet Holy Spirit Church called hallelujah night,  and people were going to dress up in costumes too? What kind since does that make?None.  Jeremiah 23 KJV .

His shark died which looks like a snake,  and you may view these crazy comments if you would like.

.larrytrottershark larrytrottersharkfishlooklikesnake

For sure Trotter has a fairly  large congregation because that is what people like. Confused people! We are expressing the commonality of the things going on. This pastor should not be leading anybody.A sexy, sassy, sanctified conference was held back in September at Trotter church .

bishopltrottersexy,sassy, sanctified

Engagement one week and marry next week, or in a few weeks?

Sassy Sexy, Sanctified Woman Conference?!What?!?

All of that, and now on Dec 1, 2013 Trotter announce his engagement to young lady  who is part of his praise team choir. Shepherd sleeping with the sheep flock?  Bishop Trotter attests that he will stand up to basically anyone for this regarding the love of his life.


He wrote following statement on Dec. 3rd via facebook

“Sunday night I shared with the world that I have found my “missing rib” Mildred Andrea Williams . We have never been happier!!! Thank you for your posts of love , support and congratulations to us.

She’s a feisty little lady who wanted to respond to the “haters” and negativity but I told her, she doesn’t have to fight nor will I let her respond . You see, I am her lover, her man, her covering and I’ll handle that if it becomes necessary. But some people aren’t really that important. There was a day, we didn’t know them. We must quickly dismiss them from our new day!

FB never let people destroy what God has given you. You went through whatever you went through and when you’ve prayed and assured you’ve heard from God, nothing else matters!!! All the rest can be fixed.

I’m asking those who love us to keep us before The Lord. Lady Mildred and I have seen some very dark days and are overcoming some stressful pasts. But we know that God is working things out for our good (Romans 8:28). I promised in my “proposing moments”to take pain out of her life and I will live to do it.

The Lord has given me a woman who loves me unconditionally. A bride who gives of herself to me in ways that I have never seen love. This lady that I honor would walk to church in below zero weather to minister, take the bus to my house at night to check on me. She cleaned me up when I was sick, fed me like a baby and prayed with me often till day break !!It’s my turn now to love her and lift her like she’s never seen!!! We have decided to run through fire together !! Pray for us!! +LDT”