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Church of Scientology have built 145 million dollar building which is said to be the first to have a super power practicing room. The founder L.Ron Hubbard said the design of it is like human beings 57 senses. Hubbard believes it will give scientologists a new level of awareness and stop social decay and save humanity. For the Church of Scientology new facility only people like John Travolta,Tom Cruise, and Kelly Preston were allowed to enter the private dedication ceremony lead by occult leader David Miscavige wherein hundreds of volunteers acting police shielded and protected the building. The facility is currently closed to non scientologists members as usual.

It is a cult group started by L Hubbard and wife Mary Hubbard. L Hubbard said he wanted to start a religion because that’s where the money is. The belief of scientology encompasses much including the following terms dianetics(metaphysical),theta(conscious spirit), mesh(universe),and audit. In the dangerous practice the theta person is perceived to posses immortality and have the ability to know all as God.They believe they have lived somewhere in the universe,and they believed that humans lived previous lives before being on the earth,and they go though an auditing process to find out where they been before earth? How would anybody find that out?! That is crazy.What in the world! Church of Scientology is an organization that has been embraced by Hollywood. and others of the rich caliber. It is considered a self help made religion. According to previous member it is okay to lie, and it is actually encouraged because they conjure it up to be truth. Cult leader Hubbard has a street in California where the headquarters is located,and the street is named L Hubbard Way.

John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him,I  am the way, and the truth, and the life: no man comets unto the Father, but by me.(KJV)