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Bishop Neil Clarence Ellis of Mt. Tabor Baptist Church in Bahamas served as the 2nd presiding bishop of  Paul Morton’s Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship  until he was not chosen as Paul Morton’s successor.  Bishop Joseph Walker was selected as his successor to fulfill the office of 1st presiding bishop of FGBCF, so Bishop Neil Ellis left the Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship denomination and has become the presiding bishop of the Global United Fellowship growing in just a few weeks to over 80 Bahamian churches and international churches.


Nearly everything this organization does is garnered after catholic orthodoxy derived rituals. (2 Timothy 4:3 KJV For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears)

Neil Ellis appeared  with a host of bishops for the installation service with Archbishop JD Ellis, Bishop Kenneth Ulmer, Archbishop Alfred Owens,  Bishop Walter Thomas, Bishop Page Sr, and others at the  Grand Ballroom Atlantis Paradise Island in Nassau Bahamas.

These people pictured are not working for the kingdom of God, and some of it does get back to the same thing with the joint college of bishops which started back around 1993 with Bishop Wilbert McKinley, Bishop Roy Brown and Bishop Paul S. Morton and Presiding Bishop J. Delano Ellis.  The founding leaders branched off from this organization to filtrate many churches today with universal catholic inclusion. The next year 1994 Paul Morton began the Full Gospel Fellowship.

Connections with the Catholic Universal church and it’s orders of creeping into the Christian Church  Jude 1:4

Archbishop JD Ellis is the pastor of Pentecostal Church of Christ,  currently worships actually in a Church of Christ Scientist Byzantine and he acknowledges their dedication the temple? (Christ Scientists is an occult group by Mary Eddy Baker), and JD Ellis recited a Muslim Allah Quran prayer( supposedly his former childhood religion)?, during Church of God in Christ service for his 50th year conversion to Christianity.   Lets look at the founders of the joint college.  JD Ellis is after recruiting is mainstream recruiting Pentecostals for the sake of the Joint College Organization.  Bishop Paul Morton is actually recruiting the Baptist for the sake of the Joint College.  Although  Paul Morton’s father was a bishop in the Church of God in Christ, Paul Morton is catholic to the core with the structure of the system he follows and much of the theology today. He is recruiting the Baptist for the sake of the Joint College orders. They have clearly been deceiving people. When you look at the chain, Bishop Morton (supposedly was) and Bishop JD Ellis  is with the Joint College of Bishops. The operation is strategically synonymous with Catholic in what they teach  in the fellowship belief wise, their dialectics, structure of the jurisdictional process, episcopacy, orthodoxy,  diocese wise, roman catholic attire, and even down to their way of tracing each bishop through apostolic succession back to Peter? Ridiculous. Catholics do the same thing through apostolic succession back to St.Peter.

Outside of the fact that catholic views are so distorted it is not even the Peter from the Bible that they are tracing back to. That is not even half of the story.  The Joint College of Bishops is under the Vatican. They actually went under the Pope John Paul II over 10 years ago under the catholic new world order. Catholic creepers (series video explains) The Roman Catholic Church is the universal (inclusion) church. They are not Christians and the catechism does not by far make them coherent because they are not.

Examining some of their beliefs

Catholics have 73 books included, not the 66 books.They believe the priest is not sinless but has the ability to forgive your sins.  They believe they are literally, literally eating Jesus himself during mass at communion; souls go to purgatory holding zone place after death (the Bible makes no mention of such place),  all the priests/fathers are never married, so no reproduction is ever acceptable and the dying off of creation is exalted among them. They say the Hail Mary prayer to whom they worship here is the corrupt prayer still prayed in most catholic churches

Hail Mary, full of grace,
The Lord is with thee,
blessed art thou among women, and
blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary Mother of God,
pray for us sinners, now
and at the hour of our death.

(We are to worship The True and Living God, not Mary neither any types of religions surfaces in the last days. Let’s look at  Isaiah 42:8 KJV  I am the LORD: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another). Much of the dangers  in the catholic religion as far as Christians are concerned is the intertwinements. According to research many may not know the Catholics have not always worshiped Mary although they do now. Even as often as Catholics easily identify themselves as catholic-Christian, but it is distorted. It is a mixture and they believe all roads of religions lead to Rome, and they are not Christians.

Back to the Subject at hand of the Prominent Bishops leading others to bow to false doctrines

These prominent bishops of both the Global United Fellowship and Full Gospel Fellowship  featured are all together, and they were ordained for such a time this. Many may think they leave one fellowship and go to another name within these notarized bishop circles, but it is the same circle.  Neil Ellis who was serving under Paul Morton at the time of Eddie Long’s sexual scandal affair, but he went over to New Birth Missionary (FGBCF) Baptist church and  affirmed and prophesied to Long about the affairs before the allegations came out to the public was not a coincidence. Although Eddie Long had  supposedly left Paul Morton’s covering years ago, Paul Morton’s second presiding Bishop Neil Ellis was over there prophesying to Eddie? After Eddie Long’s allegation came forth, Paul Morton began speaking about illegitimate bishops who no longer a part of the Full Gospel Baptist. It is just a smoke screen because these people are all in cahoots and people are cling to their ungodly fellowship. Backwards collars

Necks are all choked up?! Missions accomplished.