Dr.Juanita Bynum has continued heeding strange voices. She is now promoting Hinduism, Buddhism, Egyptology and other religions for the purpose of the lotus flower and becoming the Bayelsa ambassador in the same place as her spiritual father Td Jakes (Nigeria). It is not a coincidence. The once popular speaker of the Td Jakes conference who preached” No More Sheets”, often talked about being a prophetess to the nations is on another trip. Though she vouched for saying send me I’ll go to the nation,  so the whole will know? Know that she is not representing you thought. Well, she is not promoting Jesus anymore on her website, but ancient religious philosophers contrary to that of Jesus Christ such as Gandhi. Mohandas “Mahatma” Gandhi is one who said Jesus was not sinless but was a good man, rejected him and spoke against the resurrection and many things. The deceased Hindu guru was not promoting the Christian faith belief, but you she is promoting his beliefs? That comes to a dime a dozen from various leaders. Martin Luther King literally immersed himself with buying  Mahatma Gandhi’s books and often quoted him.Michael “Martin Luther” King whom I do not believe was a Christian, but he was a  secret fraternal member (alpha kappa alpha member), and later he became a Mason. Martin  was given the name Martin Luther by his father for religious purposes “Lutheran”.  Some may not like what is being said because of the Birmingham speech may have been intriguing. Others may cleave to the January holiday or his vision of bringing people together by things they had no say so in such as skin color, but others did the same thing but received no recognition. I am noot going to worship Martin Luther King.  Martin Luther King  was heavily into Gandhi, and so when people see someone who is supposedly a Christian person promoting Gandhi or his message, they think it’s okay. Why not quote the Bible or somebody who was saved for real,   instead of quoting something from another spiritual figure Gandhi? He clearly stood contrary to your LORD Savior which is supposed to be Jesus Christ?  Gandhi did not believe in the True and Living God just like Mother Teresa(roman catholic) did not believe. Sure they were both noted for helping people, and they were very much into humanity just as Juanita Bynum is now doing through this philanthropic organization called the Lotus Foundation.

According to Prophetess, Pastor, Dr., Ambassador Juanita Bynum II’s website, she is promoting the Lotus flower foundation.  That flower is somewhat connected to her position as the ambassador of  Bayelsa State Nigeria in the eastern continent of Africa.

According the site, she is evidently promoting this flower in correlation to her position as ambassador Bayelsa as if it is coherent. Understand this woman’s purpose was to be a prophet to the nations as stated in her previous videos and declaring that she was a Pentecostal preacher. She arose on the scene with Td Jakes Woman Thou Art Loosed and got a little bit ahead of herself on the platform. She later returns and bows down to Bishop Jakes and says she owes him for the rest of her life because she did not want to go back to exile(as she called it). She receives a following through all these clear mishaps and not living the gospel that she was preaching which is synonymous of her spiritual father, Td Jakes. She mentions nothing about in her biography anymore. She has been used. They are both connected.  Juanita Bynum more often goes to her protege  Medina Pullings. At Pullings church, she has people bowing to her, yet she is going to the nation and the people are paying for that. She is not promoting God,  but she is promoting, not exposing the occults. She is managing to find the time to quote in favor of new age philosophers and using something small as a flower to do it.  Research the flower later we’ll examine.


Ambassador-  is the highest-ranking person who represents his or her government while living in another country usually on a diplomatic assignment often for specific, temporary or designated amount of time.  Juanita came during a flooding drought situation that occurred in Nigeria. She appeared in African headwrap attire for the custom of the country alongside the governor and holding up a baby from the flooding situation there in Nigeria.


According to  Governor Seriake Dickson Juanita Bynum weighs in the conditions, and he explained that she was in the interest of the well-being of humanity. He declared Bynum as a worthy friend and partner and that she could relate the story of Bayelsa and succor the people, and thus she earned  Ambassador.

According to sources, Governor Dickson attended Muslim’s Eid-El-Fitri and called for the diversity of the nation and condemned fundamentalism in the practice of one religion. At the assembly, he commended Muslim Ummah in the state for their peaceful conduct and harmonious co-existence with Christians. He stated “If God has wanted all His children all over the world to belong to one faith, He surely would have made it possible without our help.”

Juanita Bynum stated “I went down to see the flood and my heart was so moved. We can say a lot with our music, our preaching, the people going out to buy my books, and I can see the people going out to buy my music. But when you put your hands to lift up the hands of people, especially children, I can see God coming to honour you.” “Juanita quoted in one her sermons” I am going to take my place in the world, not in the church.”

Deuteronomy 13:10 KJV Then beware lest thou forget the Lord, which brought thee forth out of the land of Egypt, from the house of bondage.

The top of the page says Dr. Juanita Lotus Foundation with the flower. Again you have to research the flower and why is she doing this. Next she has quote from Mohandas Mahatma Gandhi with his signature?

The Lotus is the official flower of Egypt.


Nigeria is also a part of Africa. The costus specious is the official flower of Nigeria.

Some flowers are beautiful, but we should do some research especially when it has you not reproving but promoting other gods so clearly. Ephesians 5:11 KJV And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.What fellowship hath light with darkness.

After Bynum’s divorce, she celebrated her birthday in a wedding dress and a sword. The ritual was explained in a previous article. I noticed the 50-year sword was also a Halloween book which depicting a woman who was struggling with getting over divorce situation just like Juanita. A sword in a long black box on the day of the ceremony, and somehow the sword never ceased to cut, but it showed no wound until the victims 50-year birthday. There is some parts about the waving of the sword over a candle. You would have to see further.

Any event, Bynum has placed this information on the site with some history behind it. As soon anyone logs on to Juanita’s site, it says she has played on Lincoln Heights. It goes on to say, she been on the cover of Essence,  New York Times, Star Jones Court, Divorce Court, CNN, Daystar and Mama I want to sing.  Essentially she is actor,  model, preacher, a singer, and hustler.  She has a large following of woman, and she has built an ark of the covenant and a threshing floor prayer room and sells spiritual candles on the site.


I understand you have to make some money, and your following will support at any cost.

The Lotus is the official flower of Egypt.  Not only is she there for the sake of it and promoting not exposing other gods Confucius, Bahai, Gandhi,  Hinduism, Buddhism, Egyptology. She already does Hindu Bikram yoga that is an ancient practice of connecting the Brahman with Atman, and its founder was raping his female clients, and the prophetess is doing his yoga. That brings definition for popular evangelists of today.


Lotus- only appears in two colors white and pink color. It is also called Nelumbo nucifera, Indian Lotus, Sacred  Lotus, Bean of India, or simply Lotus, is a plant in the Nelumbonaceae family. Juanita Bynum is pursuing humanity. Nowhere is there anything about Jesus, but Confucius, Hinduism, Sun of Egyptology? Lotus is a formed into Bahai religion.  Growing in mud, it remains unsustained. Living in the dirt, and it does not affect you.


We pray that she and any others will turn to Truth.