sophia body

Source:  Dailymail, Chicago Tribune

Two woman were allegedly flagging people for help with an issue alongside the road in The Grand Crossing Neighborhood of Chicago. An elderly pulls over behind them and accidently bumps one of them with his car. That incident sends one the ladies, 28year-old Sophia Body into an outrage . She grabs the elderly man and pulls him out of the car, and proceeds to beat and stab him. She admits to the crime stating

” Yeah, I pulled his a- out of the car and beat the f- out of him,” according to the police report (redacted). The victim said he was beat unconscious and woke up in the ambulance.

82 year old Isaac Tucker told Sun Times “I got out of my car to help, not to offend no one.  “But when I got out of my car, I was attacked, and I was stabbed several times in the back.” I was stabbed several times in the back and stomped and everything else,”

According to Assistant Attorney Elizabeth Dibler,  the beating lasted 10 minutes, and  when police found him, he was bleeding from the right side of his head and had lacerations on his upper and lower back. A yellow screw driver was also found at the scene. Suspect Sophia Body is being charge with attempted murder and aggravated battery. Bail has been set for 2 million dollars.  The other woman who was there may have acted as an accessory to the crime was held for question but had not been charge.  The 82 year old senior citizen is in stable condition at the local hospital.

Surveillance camera from a local grocery market  is being reviewed by police for evidence, both newspapers reported.