Bishop Noel Jones of the City of Refuge church in Gardena, Ca was hospitalized for heart problems but has been released. He was advised by medical doctor to take a leave of absence before returning, but Jones decided to  make an immediate full appearance to church.  There Jones asked the cameras to stop rolling as he addressed the criticism circulating through the media regarding him starring in the Preachers of La reality tv show. He expressed that he is disappointed that people had used his appearance on the show to judge him on how he lives his personal life.He often said people put you on a pedestal you can’t live on. Jones expressed to his congregants some people criticized him on his taste in cars without first finding out why he had been exotic car exporter.


Noel Jones Sunday morning routine includes a yoga wellness ritual before he steps out on the pulpit. They did not say he includes a prayer before going out. Thousand following that nonsense. Of course by definition City of Refuge is one of the largest churches in La county, and he  is an acclaimed respected member of the community (without  respecting himself). Questioning Jones reasons for participating in Preacher of La,  dateline interviewer said he don’t know why anybody like Noel Jones (accolade wise) would agree to do a reality show. Self acknowledged  intellectualist, lexicon  Noel Jones responded by saying “I did not think it was a reality show going in. I thought it was a docu-series whatever that is.”      He clearly needs to stop.

Noel Jones expressed  hopes  of the  show clarifying that people you put on pedestals have to deal with the same problem/issues you have to deal with. A person who is supposed to be denying themselves has none to very little bearing at all. Noel Jones began saying At this age cannot I have some fun?!Of course women throw them selves at you in this business. If you are successful, fast cars is how you show it?

Noel Jones says  “If a preacher is preaching  health, wealth and prosperity, and if his  presentation is love Jesus and you will be rich, then how is he going to have to show it with a Ferrari, Bentley, or a  Maserati.” After stating all of that information,  Noel Jones  began saying “that is not my message.”

So what is his message?!

Noel Jones began expressing his message is  to promote people to move in whatever their gifts are,  be appreciative of the opportunity not only of life, but of being gifted. You come naked and leave naked.”

Godliness and Human Imperfection

Recently Bishop Noel Jones made an appearance on the Tom Joyner Morning Show admitting the obvious such as he is not perfect, and that like everyone else he has flaws. Noel Jones believes these human imperfections often leaves him a lot of room for leeway to do whatever he wants to do, including living contrary to the Bible. To intertwine human imperfections, frailties to be associated with ungodliness while being in a godly position sells.

The co-host of the show Sybil Wilkes began discussing the preachers of la said with Jones and says  “You have a lot great fancy words, but what we are seeing in this is men of God, who are preaching the word who are now seen as just regular guys, but it’s such in a disturbing way, however Jones defended himself by saying who in this day and age thought that the preachers were God?! Every preacher that he know his flawed in some way. He says they are the messenger of God and not the message itself. Somehow he sides with embracing the idea to preaching a gospel he does not emphatically strive to live.

It’s a business for him. Td Jakes and Noel Jakes have been in the media going back in forth on Preachers of La on the show when they are deceivers of men and best friends of like manner deception.  Noel Jones  travels to hometown and encourages them to continue disapproving of antigay rights, when double standard is a norm in his life.  Stand up for truth all the way, not on some issues when he is questionable. Remember the Mr. Long.   These men are just careless time and again, continuously leading people week after week on path of destruction. We will continue to expose, pray their eyes will be open to truth and that people will stop following these greedy wolves full filth after there own gain and quarters. Isaiah 56:11 Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter.

1 Corinthians 9:14 Even so hath the Lord ordained that they which preach the gospel should live of the gospel.