For the second time in two days, an area church is a crime scene.

Cash was stolen from Grove Avenue Baptist Church in Henrico on Monday night. On Tuesday, Mount Hermon Baptist Church in Moseley was robbed.

“The first thing I noticed was the door to my office had been busted badly,” said Pastor Lee Ellison. “There was a small TV that was sitting over here and it’s gone; there were quite a few things that were missing.”

TVs, computers and flash drives were taken, along with a large, 800-pound safe.

“We thought it was immovable, but apparently our thieves thought that it was moveable,” Ellison said.”

Laptops containing many church members’ personal information and several paychecks were in the stolen safe.

“The greatest loss has to do with the content of what was on the laptop computers,” Ellison said.

It appears the suspect(s) knew what they were after; there was a 47-inch flat-screen TV that was taken along with a Blu-ray player, but a DVD player was left behind. They also left a stereo and CDs; they seemed to want more modern equipment.

Church workers are cleaning up after the break-in and the building’s locks are being replaced.

Ellison hopes this bad experience serves as a lesson to other churches.

“All churches are pretty easy to get into if anybody wants to get in,” Ellison said. “I would hope churches would do all they can to secure their facilities as much as possible.”

Ellison says he’s grateful very few things were actually vandalized. He hopes whoever broke into his church will bring the items back, and requests they attend Sunday worship services at Mt. Hermon.