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According to several sources 39 year old pastor in Waco, TX. has banned women in leadership at his church from wearing hair weave extensions. He admits to being raised in a strict the Islamic faith. Hair weaves flourished and are being worn by people of all different races and ethnicities.

The Pastor A.J. Aamir says “Our black women are getting weaves trying to be something and someone they are not.” Be real with yourself is all I’m saying” said Aamir. He told his leadership at Resurrecting Faith Church weaves creates a false image and identified with low self-esteem. According to sources Aamir expresses that he is aware that he cannot legally stopped woman from wear the hair extensions, but he still is opposes the idea.  According to sources Aamir pastors  a church which averages about 22 members.  Sources say that Aamir has some low income members, and he is discouraged about a woman who could pay $300 for a weave while struggling financially .