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Ecclesiates 1:9 (KJV) and there is no new thing under the sun

Source: Washingtontimes

It started in Europe — and perhaps it should have stayed there.

A fashion trend that sees men sporting pantyhose — or mantyhose, as  it’s  been dubbed — has now shifted from Europe to America. The first  truly  publicized sighting was of a Daily Beast reporter, Jacob  Tomsky,  who agreed to wear the leg wear for a week.

His subsequent Daily Beast report started: “You should see their  faces, the  women, when I tell them what I’m wearing. Their eyes widen,  and they laugh and  laugh, place a hand on my arm, and laugh again.”

From there, he describes – in play-by-play detail — how interested  men might  go about donning the hose. File under:  Things you never want  to hear a man say. Here’s an example: “Bunch them up by  the toe and work  your way up.” And another: “Shimmy them up both legs at  relatively the  same pace, drawing all slack from the foot until you stand  upright and  pull hard and discover that, yes, for whatever reason, you are not   absolutely wearing women’s undergarments.”

The Daily Beast reports that “pantyhose for men have become trendy in  Europe.”

Business Insider,  believably or not, reported similarly in January.

“It’s definitely become a trend for men in Europe. It’s fun for them   to wear,” said designer Lisa Cavallini, in the Business Insider report.   Warning: “The interest is also growing in the U.S. market, and we’ve had  so  many requests for mantyhose that we’ve added an extra-large size for  men who  are six feet tall and weigh up to 198 pounds,” she added, in  the Business  Insider report.