What a couple?!

MegaFest and a MegaMess

Td Jakes carries the large audience with the church, and Oprah carries a large audience with the secular. Put it together, and it is going to be Gospel Secular Mega Mess.

The annual gathering which originally started nine years ago by Bishop Jakes will take place this year Aug. 29-31 with the expectancy of 50,000 to 100,000+ people to flock to the Dallas Convention Center and American Airlines Center, primary venues for the events. Tickets went on sale July 5th. The best available seat at the time was section 10, row C, seat 24 for $267.10 — and that price is holding steady a few minutes after the tickets have gone on sale.

Oprah’s Life Class will be joining the MegaFest  as a part of the “empowerment series” , a bi-annual, family-oriented, multi-day festival bringing together Bishop Jakes’ most popular events, including ManPower, Woman Thou Art Loosed, MegaKidz and MegaYouth.

Oprah is the maker of her own religion Oprah Religion. She often quotes and keeps a newspaper article which says “Oprah the World is Yours”.  She often seeks advice of  Yoruba priestess Iyanla Vanzant,  Hindu philoshoper Deepak Chopra,Tony Robbins New Age Pseudo Scientist. Well Oprah teams up with Td Jakes a “Baptometacostal(video source catholic creepers pt2)” which was his own words,  Apostolic,  and Inclusionist.   Oprah also seeks teaching of Metaphysical philosopher Eckhart Tolle.