Actress Attends BET Awards to accept gospel music award half dressed.

Well that idea may align with the gospel music industry of today, but it not the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is garbage to dress like that.  Was she just clearly trying to fit with the world?!  Was that Meagan Good or just plain Meagan “Bad”? I mean really.  That was definetly “bad” choice to put yourself out there on display! No modesty, no respect, no where at all about self; it is the flesh. Well, Meagan Good married  Seven-Day Aventist Pastor and Sony Executive DeVon Franklin last year. Well that could be “part” of the problem right there.  Yes, what kind of man allows his wife to go out like that? Of course it is her choice too. This is surely not the first time that Meagan Good dressed loosely. She was dressing provacative long before the wedding. They may not have any kids together, but do you have to wait for the kids to come along for you learn to respect yourself.  The 31 year-old actress has been dressing revealing, and I recall “Miss Bunny Rabbit” pole dancing last year before her marriage. To make matters worst she often touts that she is a Christian while flaunting all the goods.  Christian, Saint, Follower, Believer of Jesus Christ. She is not. What kind of example is that whether practical or non practical. Matthews 7:16 states Ye shall know them by their fruits. The world even sees that according to this video.

Although actress Meagan Good has come under fire for dressing rather revealing, this one proabably by far takes the cake. The added revealing attention displayed by Meagan is evidently what she desires and craves.  Matthew 5:28.  From previous interviews, this woman insanely tells people in so many words that her dressing is godly?

She says “god”(it must of have been the small “g” god of this world) wants woman to love their body which for her is “also known as” cleavage out, half naked etc. To whom the god of this world has blinded her. She expressed in a statement that she is morphing into what god wants her to be? “Hollywood Actress” that says it all.  Meagan recently release the following statement, “Merely picked a dress I saw and loved … God knows my heart and that I didn’t do anything wrong .. And he will use even people’s thoughts to bring him glory”    Terrible!