Someone who goes by the name of Elder Linda Johnson says we can call her Linda.  I would have to just call you crazy!  Juanita Bynum probably would think so too. Any event, her comment was so strange. Linda concludes that Juanita Bynum gave her life for “us”. I don’t know who the “us” is, but I can say Juanita did not give her life for me. Jesus died on the cross for my sins. Juanita Bynum sees what idol worshippers are being brought forth in her name. This person said she would bow to (televangelist) Juanita Bynum.  Simply crazy. It is a lost focus. What in the world are these people doing, and who are they following because it’s not Christ?! By Juanita Bynum’s own statement and admission cited something to the effect  about lions or the jungle stating she had gone to far to hear and their voice is not heard in this realm?(we have a Juanita Bynum’s stament in a previous post). People will wait in those long conference lines to hear what? because it certainly not the Lord. Linda and many other fans have made Juanita and the celebrity people the Lord of their life. Elder Linda said she would bow to Juanita in the pulpit or in jail. Thou shalt not worship Juanita Bynum. Have mercy. Blind people.

lindajohnsonpictured is lindajohnson7 wrote the following below


Well after following Juanita’s recent arrest, somebody put a video on youtube wherein  Juanita Bynum preached the following day after that incident and the people praised this woman for all this foolishness. Bynum allegedly took 140,000 dollars for movie that in which she did not even participate in? That is a lot of greed. If ministry is your purpose, then why not just give the money back?!  Juanita Bynum is known collectively  as a ambassador, dr, II, prophetess to the nation and a pastor. She has done several program including a wicked sacrificial. Leviticus 18:21 speaks making sons and daughter to pass through the fire. Juanita held a ritual for some teen girls in a Georgia warehouse. One of those little girl who participate died, very shortly after the process.  I do believe she was a sacrifice. She blind folded these little girls and had them walking backwards. Where is the wisdom around Juanita? Juanita is also in a daughters of Zion of Crew. We know. Some of the elder woman were involved in some thing when I view it  It is just a lot of societal connections and tents involved with Juanita.  Why all the drama?! Then there is a video regarding the recent arrest of Juanita wherein she claims  being persecuted for righteousness sake. Then she stated she was going to a scripture on which she claims she was showed why it happened to her. Whomever originally posted the video stop the tape before she read the scripture. I do not think the scripture was the love of money is the root of all evil. $140,000 is not a little bit of money. Anyhow,    we do have  that video  it made no sense at all from the beginning, and all the beating around the bush. In that video, the MC/ host of the church service said “as you know the prophetess was detained” instead of just saying she had been arrested, went to jail. It means the same thing, but  you know how they dress it up.  They did not go any further.  They actually turned off the camera,  before the scripture was even read. Juanita Bynum’s twitter has become inactive.  Publicity stunts. After Thomas Weeks and Juanita’s separation,  Weeks expressed Juanita Bynum wanted to go the Oprah( publicity).  There was a lot, all the domestic abuse drama, lesbian drama, all this stuff.  I believe the Lord is able to heal, save, set free and deliver anybody from anything. Juanita Bynum is crying for help. Stop pushing her because that what these fans are doing. She needs help. She is not going to sit down because these people are pushing her up to the platform. We pray for her that she willl sit down and let the Lord minister to her, as only he can do.   This site does not cater to idol worship. We will not bow to Juanita now, later, nor never. Elder Linda, I’m sorry sweetie. She is not my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ is. Let go of your idols. If you are worshipping and bowing to men and women, there is a disconnect. We were created for God’s purpose. In Luke 4 Jesus said, for it is written, thou shalt worship the Lord thy God and him only shalt thou serve.

Romans 14:11

For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me,
and every tongue shall confess to God.