According to twitter page  Leandria Johnson will be the founding pastor IPC Ministries in Hapeville, Georgia. At the installation service to be held in June, fan responds via tweet I will be there for membership, while r&b singer Angie Stone says “I will be there sis”.  IPC Ministries move in date is June 1st with the first service to be held on June 16. Many may well know that the gifted singer Johnson who was already a licensed minister revealed that she was in a wedlock pregnancy with a fourth child last year. Johnson expresses  the church as fake  people hiding behind scripture. According Leandria’s youtube page her ministry stands for ‘imperfect people changing the game’. What Johnson is doing may be a game to her, but there are real people facing real situation. Ask them is it a game. This is real people lives.  That is what these singers are doing playing game with people lives.  The real church is not playing no game. Real Christians Please Stand Up.