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Las Vegas Sun News

A man upset with officials at Central Christian Church in Henderson broke  windows outside the church this morning, then drove his car through an entrance  and into the building’s interior, Henderson Police reported.

The brief melee caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage, police and  church officials said.

A security system alerted police, who arrived within five minutes of the  alarm and arrested Kevin M. Wilson, 51, of Las Vegas, at the scene, according to  Keith Paul, Henderson Police spokesman.

Wilson apparently went to the church several times Tuesday demanding to meet  with a pastor but was instead told to make an appointment.

Paul related this chain of events from responding officers:

Shortly before 5 a.m. Wednesday the church’s alarm system activated and a car  could be seen driving inside the building on the surveillance cameras.

Wilson had returned to the church, where he smashed some windows from the  outside. He then drove his Kia Spectra through an entrance and into a hallway,  where he got out, broke some furniture and knocked holes in the wall. Wilson  then returned to his car and drove it down a hallway, causing additional damage.  He again stopped, got out again, causing further damage to the building, when an  officer arrived and took him into custody.

Ryan Moore, a spokesman for the church near U.S. 95 and Russell Road, said  damage was confined mainly to a hallway.

“We’re not really sure why this guy did this or what was in his heart,” Moore  said. “We’re just glad no one was hurt.”

The building was empty at the time.

A city of Henderson building inspector examined the church and found no  structural damage caused by the incident, Paul said.

Wilson was booked into the Henderson Detention Center on burglary and  destruction of property charges, police said.

This afternoon, the church’s senior pastor Jud Wilhite posted a message on  his Facebook account about the incident.


“We have damage to our first floor and entry doors, but our team has done an  incredible job fixing it up. The Henderson Police Department arrested this  individual and, thankfully, no one was injured. At 1pm (sic) today we reopened  our doors and are excited to be having Weekends on Wednesday tonight at 6:30pm  (sic). All services and gatherings will continue with their normal schedule. We  ask that you join us in praying for this individual and his family.”

As people filed into the church for its 6:30 p.m. sermon, few noticed the  damage done to the church. Two decorative boards that had previously been used  as props during a church event covered the broken window, and aside from a brief  prayer for the suspect and his family, the sermon went on as normal.

Some congregants like Denise Romero weren’t even aware of the events that  took place earlier that morning.

“That’s pretty shocking,” Romero said when she found out. “One thing I can  say is that to me it sounds like somebody was distressed and, under the  circumstances, lost control.”

Moore said the church, which is known for giving second chances, does not  plan to press any additional charges against Wilson.

Central Christian Church is the valley’s largest megachurch and draws more  than 18,000 people each weekend at its five valley locations, including the  Henderson campus.