Pastor Boyd Allen

Source: WSBTV Atlanta

ALPHARETTA, Ga. —A local pastor says a mix-up caused police to pull him from a car at gunpoint.
Boyd Allen, pastor at God’s House of Prayer in Cumming, told Channel 2’s Amy Napier Viteri he and two friends were driving home from a Roswell gun range on Feb. 16 when officers swarmed their Pontiac on Old Milton Parkway in Alpharetta.
Dashcam video from the stop showed officers shouting and running toward the car with guns drawn.
They pulled Boyd and his friends from the car and cuffed them on the ground.
“You’ve got one guy shaking with his gun at the back of your head,” Boyd told Viteri.
Boyd said the confusion started when his friend left one of his newly purchased guns on the roof of the car. He realized and pulled over to retrieve it.
According to the incident report, a witness also saw the driver get out for the gun and called police.
The same report shows a dispatcher then called for a lookout for the Pontiac for armed robbery and assault. That’s what officers thought when they stopped the men.
“I’m sitting there saying ‘God please don’t let them pull those triggers,'” Boyd said.
At one point in the video, the dispatcher is heard saying over the radio, “My mistake,” the call wasn’t what he thought.
Boyd said officers apologized and let them go, but he was still shaken by the mistake he said could have cost him his life.
“Still, emotionally, it really bothers me that it was that close,” he added.
He said Alpharetta police told him they severely disciplined the dispatcher involved in the traffic stop.
Boyd said he is now considering hiring an attorney because he felt an apology was not enough.
Alpharetta police told Channel 2 Action News they would look into what happened further and provide an update.

Strange stuff.