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Beginning on Wednesday the is  world is solemnly observing the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

So although quite topical, perhaps it was  rather inappropriate for Saturday Night Live to spoof the resurrection of the  religious figure this weekend.

With actor Christoph Waltz as guest host, the  Django Unchained star took part in a skit named Djesus Uncrossed.

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Inappropriate? SNL mocks Jesus Christ with a violent, bloody skit featuring Christoph Waltz
Inappropriate? SNL mocks Jesus Christ with a violent,  bloody skit featuring Christoph Waltz

The star is likely to have riled up members  of Christian denominations in the comedy piece which saw the son of God get his  own back on the Romans.

The violent segment was filmed in the style  of a Quentin Tarantino-style movie trailer portraying a Jesus refusing to rest  on the right side of the Father and instead seeking revenge.

The narrator says: ‘Critics are calling it a  less violent Passion of the Christ,’ adding in reference to Waltz’s recent flick  set around the period of American slavery, ‘I never knew how much Jesus used the  N-word.’

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 Where in the scripture would Jesus be ressurected and come back with a machete choppings peoples heads off? This is crazy stuff. NBC’s  Saturday Live filthy show recently did a mockery skit called “DJESUS Uncrossed starring  Jamie Fox, Christoph Waltz, Kenan Thompson and others. This movie was supposedly mocking Jesus Christ.  The idea is said to be modeled  after slave movie Djangno Unchained starring the many of the same actors.  Note if you would look at the name Djangno Unchained and DJesus Uncrossed, it is a code.

According to the announcer of the this show,  DJesus Uncrossed is a revenge fantasy uncrossed.  The skit which was done in the format of a movie preview was autroicous.   It is a shame. This skit was said to be the revenge of the Passion  of the Christ film.  It is complete mockery, and it works to promote to the agenda of the AntiChrist who will arise, and this skit was completely done by people  who are antichrists(against). This video is offensive to Christians.  I was speaking with one of the saints because there has been news about the video upsetting to the muslims. The young lady told me the media will listen and act on what is offensive to the muslims before they would listen to a Christian. Sad, but it is true.

 The skit on Saturday Night Live is blasphemy and mockery all the way. They try to paint Jesus in another manner contrary to scripture. In their blasphemous skit they wanted to go a whole ‘nother direction to say he is not forgiving, but returning with machetes cutting heads, slaying and killing people using knives and guns . It is a complete mess. The devil is using to work against people’s faith.  The devil is telling lies. They are laughing and making a mockery against Jesus Christ.    The muslims, buddhist should not be the only ones taking a stand for their faith. We believe in the True and Living God. It is sad these actors are taking  in vain with the consequences it bares. With all this going people won’t know what to believe.   Note  all these things we are seeing as it pertains.  2 Peter 3:3 warned about it, Jude 1:18 talks about the mockers and the scorners in the last days.