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Are the days of the Bible(the actual paperback/hardback Bible) becoming  extinct in the churches right before our eyes ?  Most ministers are preaching from the ipad today.  They are not using the bible anymore, not a family bible from the living the room table, not the bible that use to sit in the window of the car that you probably had to blow dust off cause you had not read it the whole week except on sunday, not the pocket bible, not a bible book at all.    For most preachers the bible which was only weighing about 1lb or less was too heavy to carry, so they would have the deacon carry it for him.  Although not every preacher will gravitate to new trends, with all the new technology arising could it be soon you won’t see any Bibles. We hardly see any now. On the large people don’t pick up the Bible like they used to. I understand it may be hard to carry what they are not living. In one church the preacher said hold up your Bible, and nearly the whole congregation held up a cellphone and ipad. Just what is being created? This could be consider an epidemic.  Even many school reports show statistically that literacy has decreased.  Most students don’t read their  textbooks if they do not have to or until a test. It is laziness, and we wonder why they are failing courses.

Living in a “Microwave Society

Today many people will soley depend on a pluck of a electronic device for their bible reading instead of picking up the bible, but be mindful that at one swipe everything could be gone. Now the words you see on bible book will still be on the page, while all technology could be diminished from the average citizen, considering how man and the government seeks to control nearly most things from how computers are ran and operated. I will express that again. Electronic power in that form  and all could be gone for those soley depending on a ipads, cell phones for scripture reading.  Understand that the microwave efficient technological changes may be convenient, but they are not always necessarily helping to discipline or equip people. Technology is not bad, but don’t lose focus in these in things. Consider how many people cannot even step away from their ipads, phones, etc. for just a minute. They take it on every trip to the bathroom. If the body of Christ would get excited about carrying their bible again like that, and taking it in then it would be more beneficial.


With all these things going on, consider in the book of Amos where the scripture speaks of on the shortage of the word. It mentions there will be a famine for the hearing word.  It is so wide spread to see many large congregations are not hearing the word, but morevover hearing error. In these last days it is seldom to hear someone truly preaching sound doctrine with the various versions. That is so true. It is not astonishing on how the enemy is  in some versions new age translations such nlt, niv, nwt nkjv and the list goes on.  There is even several online with all those versions to read from.  Which one should you pick? They are not saying the same thing. Let look and compare. In Isaiah 14:12 NIV calls satan the morning star which is a lie, and some refer to to him as lightbearer.

Other Deceptive Versions

Jesus is painted as the brother of Lucifer(according to the Mormons). Some translations go against the virgin birth.  In the New World Translation  (NWT)  in John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the word was a god. That can mean any god, lower case, so those things are liars from the pit of hell. The enemy brings distortion, and if anybody has read the information or seen video on the NIV Bibles and it connection with Satanic Rupert Murdock there you would obtain truth about the dangers of some translations. Even with the translations are taking out words  and giving the text a whole different new meaning. They will  update the version even by the year. It is like the game people used to play call telephone wherein you would tell one person, and that person tells someone else, and by the end of the message,  it is totally different from the original message. I believe that is much like what is going on with all these version of the Bible, and for the makers of the new age versions it is a game. They are playing with your soul.

Thank God for  A  True Bible  (Kings James Version) 

The truth contends against these new age versions. The truth is that Jesus Christ is the son of God, and Lucifer is not the brother of Jesus.  Jesus Christ was born of a virgin and conceived by the Holy Spirit.  John 1 (KJV)establish In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God not “a god”. That is one reason why it is important to use ” an” original translation of the bible such as the Kings James Version. I did not say it was the original translation. I said an original translation.  Please take notice to the philosophical and technical people. I have taken philosophy, and theology. I even know psychology and the mind games that gets played.  Saints I am telling you  there are many people today who will  have you not believing at all wow!(Psalms 53) or some who will detour you way off unto some strange teachings(1Timothy 4:1, Matthew 24:24), and that is not the will of the Lord. These are the last days.  We do not want to yield with itching ears, nor enticing words of mans wisdom.   Those philosophical ideologies cleaved are relatively minute and impertinent in the regard of having true relationship with Christ. Hebrew 11:6 establishes For he that cometh to God must believe. 2Timothy 3:1 establish the bible  is the inspired word of God.

Since I speak to the english audience today. I am saying firmly that  I found the KJV to be [a] sufficient translation of the bible in the English.  I am well aware of the  original translation from the Hebrew and the Greek into various languages in efforts to spread the gospel abroad all over the earth. Follow along closely.   I will say this.  If you have an older edition of the Kings James I would not throw it out  for the newer version coming out next year, just because the newer edition maybe  more commonly used. Look,  I presented small error in the NIV, but it is still the more commonly used english version, yet it is corrupt.  I am aware they are creating newer version of mostly all the bibles consistently by the year and sometimes by the month. Why are they doing this?!  If you would think about it, the language is not changing so much that we have to come up with a 2003 version, then a 2004,  2005 version and the list goes on. There is really not good enough reason for it. I know in any society there is slang and urban usage. There is a formal and informal way of speaking. However, on the large scale is the language that hard to understand as the years go by?! No, the enemy is using that way of manuevering to change beliefs in the foundation.

Give us this Day Our Daily Bread (Matthew 6:11)

Give this day our daily bread. I am not speaking of those little pamphlet books they were giving out. I talking about the word of God. It is time to be steadfast in the word planted and unmoveable in the true word of the Lord. If there are some words you do not understand, pray and ask the Lord. I believe the Lord will open your understanding.Proverbs 4:7 says speaks of with all thy getting get understanding. Even if there are things and words that you do not understand, try maybe using an credible dictionary instead of the urban dictionary which could give a whole different meaning. Very importantly compare scriptures because one scripture will often correspond and give reference to another to give the full meaning or interpretation. It will often bring confirmation to what you thought but were originally usure about due to lack of understanding on a specific word. Also if you know someone who is saved or biblical christian, ask them to read along with you. Ask questions. There will be somebody to help. Still make time read to research the scripture for yourself versus waiting until the church service for the preacher. It is hard to eat once a week and expecting to be strong. That is spritually and physically.  The Bible says give us this day our daily bread.