R&B singer, actor and songwriter Kandi Burruss teams up with Detroit’s Pastor Marvin Sapp on a  song.  At the top of the song page Kandi writes,” lyrics by sinner/believer”. These sad new age beliefs are becoming ever so popular and are being spreaded abroad by television personalities and idols. First of all, what is a sinner slash believer?! Double minded. I believe that may be well said for Pastor Marvin Sapp and Kandi Burruss.  Kandi expresses that she wanted to do a gospel song. The trend of wanting to sing a gospel song, but not live the gospel life is becoming an epidemic.

1 Corinthians 9:14, Even so hath the Lord ordained that they which preach the gospel should live of the gospel.

Kandi Burruss is a cast member on the show The Real House Wives of Atlanta. Many may know Kandi’s fiance was Body Tap Strip Club’s owner AJ Jewell, who was gun down in an Atlanta strip club in late 2009.  Along with Buress being on the filthy Housewives of Atlanta,  she is also the owner of a sex toy line.


Is it strange for a pastor to pair up with clear seduction to mess around on “gospel” song put it out as such to the viewing audience?! Burruss professes to be both a sinner and a believer, and, of course, a  sinner/believer will do what sinner/believer will do, and that is practice sin. This woman is a secular singer, provocative, involved in strip parties, and the list goes on.   Morals and standards are little to none. A woman should not carry herself that way. I am quite sure somebody in her upbringing should have let her know that displays as such is not respectful to God, men, nor herself.  It is not respectful for anyone to dress like that. Now the widowed Pastor Sapp is singing with someone who is a sinner/ believer all together. The question is a believer of what?! Any and everything!

And what is Pastor Sapp representing? Yes, I started a sentence with “And”(My former college professor taught the usage of it). And what is Pastor Sapp representing? What kind of example is Pastor Sapp setting, “sappiness”?!  He added a new meaning to his name. His daughters could look at this woman “Kandi Burruss” and desire to be like her. After all, she has fortune and fame. Those things are glamorized today,  but in reality she lacks a true relationship with Jesus Christ.  What do the Sapp children see?! Well, they see their father going around to going after fame and fortune, instead of ministering the Truth and Life, which comes in Jesus Christ. Pastor Sapp pastors a church that is on the located on the grounds of a  Catholic diocese in Detroit Michigan. That could be part of the reason there is so much inclusion in his life.

Running after fame and fortune?

Why are so many ministers of today running after fame and fortune?  It is because their heart is not truly there with God. Believe it or not, some ministers are bitter towards God for various reasons such as lost of loved ones. Td Jakes actual said at Joel Osteen’s church, the problem he has with God is that he likes details. Why are people blaming God?! Bishop Jakes father died when he was very young.  Bishop Carlton Pearson expressed his feelings openly as well. Pearson stated  a bitter minister of such could do all the things that look right, including  go to church, worship God, preach, hype a crowd but he said “they probably will never really love God”. Pastor Carlton Pearson expressed that he harbored years of animosity towards God, even while preaching because of his deceased backsliding hellbound grandparents as NBC News puts it. Where did all that bitterness lead him?  Carlton Pearson is now a heretic preaching the gospel of inclusion.  That further establishes there are some people who say they preach and sing for God, but their lives do not represent him.

Now as far Marvin Sapp is concerned, what type of image is it for him to participate on an album with a secular sex toy artist and calling it gospel song? It is inclusion.    Why is a pastor is on an album with titled lyrics by sinner/believer?  That slash in sinner/believer means that all those words are a description of the person. It is all encompassing.

Buress is very confused, and so is Pastor Sapp.  In the lyrics of Stayed Prayed Up Burruss says, “Thank God my prayers are heard.” The truth is the only prayer that True and Living God hears and respond to from a sinner is the prayer repentance and giving your life to Him if you are talking about the God of the Bible.  Sometimes there is a friend or family member who is saved and persistently praying fro you.  If any prayers are being heard in Burruss’s regard, it is because the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much according James 5:16 and Psalms 15:29. They are not her prayers. Kandi Burruss, note your father is the devil when you are a sinner/believer. There is no middle ground.

Where Are There Preachers Who Will Stand Up For Truth?!

Romans 10:14 says How can they hear without a preacher.  I believe that scripture passage identifies with a real preacher who is a true Christian/follower of Jesus Christ.  The one who is lead by the Holy Spirit and following Him closely.  Those who are being sent by the devil have left the voice of God if they were ever truly listening. They have yielded to the kingdoms of the world only to compromise the gospel. With counterfeit ministers such as Sapp who are just a part of the entertainment business and not true ministers at all, these people are in their congregations are in bad shape.  Marvin Sapp’s wife Malinda died a few years ago, and the sacrifice for kingdoms of the world. Sapp was initiated into the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity a year prior to his wife’s death.


Pastors Marvin Sapp and  Smokie Norful poses doing their six signs with their frat brothers(secret organizations)

Sapp does not display Christian standards and considers it to be the norm. Although Sapp was a traveling evangelist, he moved to the forefront as a solo artist many years after splitting from the gospel recording group Commission in 1990’s.  Sapp gained popularity and topped Billboard charts with his hit song  Never Would Have Made it. Prior to his 2007 release,  the 46-year-old singer was virtually unheard of, relatively unknown. Well, since then Marvin Sapp has toured with Kings Men’s(counterfeit gospel representatives Kirk Franklin, Donnie, Israel Houghton),  and he has been on a number of shows including the  Monique show that cancelled. With much notoriety and accolades of being pastor and gospel artist, Sapp fails to seize the opportunity to minister but to entertain. It is not the anointing.  People such as Marvin Sapp are in a position to lead, but often misleading many people. The bible talked about men as such who would turn away from the truth.  Their hearts are so far from God. They are just in and with whatever comes their way. It is just a come in and get with everything situation gone viral. Sad!  Monique invited  Pastor Sapp on her show, and she began cursing, and  Pastor Sapp said people act like they never heard people curse before. What a response from a minister! That is not even the point. Should not there be respect for a minister. I remember the time when there would be respected, and the fear of the Lord. I recall former talk show host,  Monique would deliberately make it her business to exploit many celebrity gospel  singers and preachers also known as entertainers such as Sapp, Franklin, Karen Clark, Shirley Caesar (You know the counterfeits misrepresenting the kingdom of God). Monique would emphatically and purposefully use curse words and just go as filthy as possible and had no respect for the people that were assumed to be Christians. It is sad people will model their life after these artists. They are not above the Bible.  They may be talented, but it is sad when even the sinners know there is nothing convicting about your life.  It is sad when you are supposed to be salt and light, but you have lost the savour/the preserver (References Matthew 5:13). What is the common lame excuse of today for the do whatever syndrome/don’t judge society?! It is the old nobody’s perfect throwout.  Woe! That is not an excuse to say we are not perfect while do anything and claiming to be saved, sanctified, and Holy Ghost filled.  We may not be perfect, and that is a well-known fact, but The Holy Ghost is perfect.  The Spirit he will lead you and guide you into all truth. He said after which the Holy Ghost has come ye shall receive power.  We cannot do anything our strength, so lean and tarry for his keeping power. Despite all going on, there is still a Bible to live by, an example to be, and Heaven to see. God created us, and he sent his only-begotten Jesus Christ to die for our sins. I believe in the John 3, expresses that Jesus said Ye must be born.  He told Nicodemus. Jesus said a man cannot enter unless he does just that, which is be born again.

Sad the Blind leading the Blind (Pastor Marvin Sapp) How far will it go?! Although his wife died a few years ago. Firsthand as far as departing from a loved one, I believe the Lord can preserve people in those hard times.  I do not believe you have to lose your mind. Although it can happen, and the event that it does it imperative for a leader to sit down instead of leading people into inclusion. I believe as a Christian your faith gets stronger because you are being tried.

Kandi Burruss Story: Sometimes there is Lost Coin in the House

Kandi Burruss mentions in her biography that she comes from a lineage preachers in the Church of God Holiness denomination with noting her grandfather and great-grandfather were bishops.  Although it would be nice for the preachers kids to be saved, it does not always happen.  However it is misleading to others to claim salvation when you are not. It is all too common these days they are so many who know better, and to hear this woman claims to be on both sides is sad.  I am not familiar with her grandparents and neither too familiar with the denomination, but you would have had to think about why she would profess being on both sides. After all there some preachers who do just the opposite of what they preach when they get home. It would probably leave you wondering what was done in her home,  and what kind of morals at all were preserved in the home for her to think what she is doing is okay today? On the flipside, some people were raised to follow truth, but today everything is the complete opposite, so a new age form of Christianity is being globalized.

I know many of these artist such as Fantasia whose grandmother is a pastor will usually say she is a Christian flat out (which she is not and I believe she knows that), but Burruss  is saying she is in the middle sinner/believer. These two secular artists who sing Fantasia and Burruss are a description of the synonym for double-minded and lukewarm. Shame on you Pastor Marvin Sapp! I do not see how that song leads anybody to the  LORD. Of course the Lord reigns on the just and as well as the just according to scripture, but this song is a just mockery and encourages waddling. It is basically saying the Lord favors someone who just deliberately on both sides. Sad! Pray because these types of songs are one the most outlet ways for the enemy to use because it is played time and again in their spirits, and it is one that encourages the waddling in sin. We live in a time that people will buy this stuff, and this stuff promotes not striving. Pastor Marvin Sapp claims to have prayed for six months in 1990 before joining the  Commission group. Now do you think Pastor Sapp prayed up about this mess. This album is more like stay lusted up instead of prayed up. There is nothing holy about it. Pray that true saints be sent these last days!


Don’t get  upset because we are telling you about your idols, and commenting about we’re judging. and you are too!