Last days! I was talking with one of the saints years ago speaking of these type of things and irreverence for the faith was going to be considered normal in years to come. The white preacher in the video is using a deragotary word which was used to describe black people, spanish or any with a dark pigmentation. It is derogatory. Would it have been right if it was used by a black preacher? No. It would not have been right even then. The word nigger/nigga which was a word openly and commonly used by many people as far back as the 60’s and prior, and it was not anything good. It was always offensive and not defensive ( in the sense of standing in defense of a person). How is this type of word used to describe Jesus, a good thing?! Wisdom should be able to come with time and age, but these are prime examples that it does not always deem to be true. This word still today is used ignorantly as a slang term by many people in the street.

Years ago many people would not have known the way the world was headed for which is chaos. Saints, the Bible has always been clear about end time and last the days.

Today we see a complete use of the “anything goes” as a norm including profanity cussing from the pulpit, smoking by the supposed believers, and more things have literally gotten out hand, no fear. Come on people. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain.

These things we are seeing today is shameful even by some pastors. It is no excuse. It presents a barrier for the unbeliever, and its is a fearless irreverence for God for those who are supposed to be saved because truth has fallen into the streets. I know the word used by the pastor in the video has grasped a new meaning for many. It used to mean the opposite from what it seemingly means now. Wow, a complete acceptance of anything and the profane has maneuvered to become the norm, and everything representing the truth has become considered deviant.