Are some of the song writers of today going a little extreme on the lyrics? The Bible says to sing unto the Lord a new song, but are some of the songs today such as Give Myself Away merely a catchy phrase geared to the flesh given to make spiritual worship song. Think about it. I give myself away so you can use me, if you heard that any time before. Perhaps you have heard of, or known a girl who may have given herself away to be used up by a man.   I am all for worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ in a song.  I know we sing “Come To Jesus”, We Worship You Oh Lord, “I surrender all”and many other songs some new, but this “Give myself away” is much like the bedroom. I mean it did not sit well with my spirit at when I first I heard it.


Many people may not agree, after all William McDowell’s has so many youtube hits, for it is a popular song by a popular artist.  You may understand the further intention of the song as I do as well, displayed clearly more out after you get pass the first chorus of the song. I have heard the complete lyrics and melody.    I am not coming of mildly critiquing a song, but that is not hard to see point. I was in church service last year, and I heard the singer murmer the first few words  “I give myself”, and I opened my eyes, and the singer did not go any further. Now I am not sure of why but I am glad the song was put to a hault.


Picture above shows Bishop Jackson laying on top of another bishop

Give Myself Away So You Can Use Me

This was the very song played at the ceremony of Bishop Wayne T. Jackson laying on top of Bishop Junaldo Lee and Bishop Robert Campbell in a consecration service. Junaldo Lee has been under Bishop Wayne T. Jackson’s ministry for 24 years, was this the only time Wayne Jackson laid on top of him? Can anbody say this was not the first time. You have to think about the song played at this ceremony consecration ” I give myself away” and that is exactly what he did in front of all these people, and his wife. He gave him self away in more ways than one.  That bishop felt his congregation was so ignorant until they would not think anything of it. Outside these men dressed in the dunk hats and catholic costumes,


the event probably could have not become more stranger. I have to say I never seen anything quite like that in all my years.The closest I seen to this is Benny Hinn with people stacked on top one another on stage at a Hinn’s crusade.Actor, comedian, rapper Brandon T. Jackson who is sold out to Hollywood is the son of Bishop Wayne T. Jackson. Yes his son is the spotligh, not a coincidence.

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Brandon T. Jackson pictured in the slide show dressed as a woman.  Some submit willingly, other actors complete the requirements to secret organization. Jackson Jr. also throws up the devil horn to show his allegiance to do whatever hollywood wants.


This is a video of the actual concencration. Although the poster of this youtube video opted for a different music, Give myself away was played at this service during the original video. If you already saved what are you self away to.  This same song is used for masonic initations.”