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Is there any good reason the Apostle is holding up a Baphomet sign in service or let alone at all?!No

There is an evil reason these men are holding up it. It is a symbolical allegiance expressed to Satan. The sign is associated as the devil, goats horn, and Baphomet. Pictured below are  images from a satanic bible, and the second below is a photograph is satanic worship ceremony, so why are televangelists and gospel singers doing it who claim to represent Jesus Christ.



Pastor Mike Freeman was installed successor and new president of Apostle Fred Price’s Fellowship of International Christian Word of Faith Ministries. It is a big show for the people to observe, and many of the members do not even know these ministers are involved in such things. These ministers are sold out to Satan.


These people are sold out to the devil, and they are active representatives from Satan to deceive the body of Christ. I Kings 21:20 KJV And Ahab said to Elijah, Hast thou found me, O mine enemy? And he answered I have found thee: because thou hast sold thyself to work evil in the sight of the Lord.  Apostle Fred and Pastor Mike Freeman of Spirit of Faith Christian Center both church leaders who were seen doing the Baphomet sign in the slide show.

These people are considered to be televangelist with a large platforms of people following them. These men are alike. From images observed Pastor Mike Freeman and his family even pose with flashing the devil sign.   Deuteronomy 18:10 KJV speaks of there shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire.

Fred Price and Mike Freeman are doing the very same demonic sacrament signs done by Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan and many other Satanists. What a shame to be fooling the church. They are doing the mano cornuto, Baphomet, rockstar sign. It has been given so many formative names whatever you call it, note that it is not holy. They have no fear, no reverence for God and will do this right up under your nose.  In an old Ever Increasing Faith Broadcast, Dr. Fred Price spoke of imagining he was with another woman while being with his wife. It is never a dull moment, and that must have been unpleasing for his wife to hear. John 8: 44 KJV Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. Can you put anything past what Dr. Fred will do? On several occasions the retired pastor, declared Apostle, Dr. Fred has cussed as if it is normal. He has done it during his sermons several times on different occasions while the audience sits and laughs. It rarely ceases to astonish people what he would do next. He stood in front of his congregation saying that Jesus committed suicide, and the members are still there listening. The Bible says to follow them as they follow Christ. People are scared to leave.  Don’t be! They have no special pact with the True and Living God. They are not so high up on the throne in the pulpit that they could not sidetrack.   There is NO scripture supporting that idea of the suicide of Christ at all.  Dr. Apostle Fred Price often never recants his hideous statements.  Price has taught the glamourization of prosperity as absolute for the believer while belittling those poor people. Luke 16 describes where the rich lifted his eyes. It is really sad because ministers as such have managed to make people feel so bad until even the disabled and unemployed would probably do something insane. They will do illegal things or even beg in order to bring back money to the   “exalted” Apostle as means of ensuring they are blessed in the eyes of Apostle Fred Price. Really sad!

Of course, most of us need money, but the excess of it would imperatively distort one’s view and relationship with Christ. The excessive money doctrine preached by prosperity preachers are conveyed by them to encourage viewers support of their continuous lavish lifestyles.  Money is the epitome for what they stand for.  They will do anything for it. Their goal is the money. The gospel is not their focus, prospering in the world is.  Psalms 73:12 KJV Behold, these are the ungodly, who prosper in the world; they increase in riches.


The prosperity speakers such as Pastor Fred Price will often introduce the topic of the prosperity doctrine by asking “Do you want to good health?” The audience replies yes which is only normal because sure everybody wants good health. Nobody wants to be sick or dying of diseases or anything.  3 John 1:2 KJV Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

Fred Price and word faith movement speakers will say things like, How many want to do good in life, have success, and live in abundance?  That is where they began to tie everything together.  They will begin saying God wants you to prosper in all things. For them, all things to them are Money. Money is not everything to a true Christian.   Fred Price and others of like manner will say you must give seed offerings of $ __ amount, even if it even taps into your rent money (causing you to become possibly evicted). They admonish that you must do it to exercise your faith? Well at this point it becomes definitely assuring that you must give the dollar bills, or should I say large dollar so to speak or your life is not going to be blessed?  By the end of the beg-a-thon, they would make someone committed to Christ feel so bad until they would feel almost not saved anymore from not being able to give. That is because they did not have money left over after paying rent to give. Give the people a break.

We are speaking of the mega church that receives tithes and offerings from thousands of people. Is it really to pay off mortgage of the cathedralistic dome that could have been paid off ages ago by government grants funds they are entitled to, etc.  Despite any decline in attendance, the cash flow and salaries are often so massively loaded enough to make the entourage rich. These people do not have a heart for ministry but a heart of  becoming monetarily rich. Many times the bulk of money sometimes advertised to be sent to orphanages missions and things of that nature are not sent there at all, at least not the abundance of what they are telling the audience  because they are people who are making an empire to themselves.  The Lord does not want to make us filthy rich.  People get crazy with large sums of money. It is just hard to do that in the flesh. It becomes a distorted view.   We cannot serve God and mammon.  Fred Price is holding up the Baphomet sign his allegiance is to Satan. I am not against all churches because there are some who are really doing the work of the Lord. There even some churches and ministries who are not 501c3 businesses, but these mega churches are 501 status. The separation of church of state has become almost nonexistent.


These televangelists are slick and have managed to beg, and deprive people very slickly. How are Fred Price and Mike Freeman living?  The Crenshaw Christian Center Faith Dome neither Fred Price is not so barely making; there are A LOT of people giving buckets loads of offerings. As a matter of fact, they are collecting a lot from thousands and thousand consistently from all over the world. Fred Price basically establishes that you have to be manipulated by him to live by faith in order to be blessed, and of many times those people have not seen results.   Dr. Fred stated in a video that married couples should set aside the wife’s money for spending money to establish financial freedom.What business is that of his as to what the couples does with their money? Secondly, there are some wives who do not work, so the couple lives off the husband’s income or vice versa.  I said that because it is amazing Fred Price basically tells other people that as the answer to “financial freedom prosperity”is saving the wife’s salary, and then paying tithes to money a greedy person such is himself is the answer to financial gain. The example rendered to his congregation is something  he should do himself.   It is unlikely that he would work a job outside of the mega church,  and he should live off his wife’s salary.

Fred Price himself does not live by faith in all this prosperity doctrine he teaches himself. For instances, would  Dr. Fred Price exercise living by faith in the regards in money? No, he would not even dream about going back to his days before riches.   For example,  would  Dr. Fred Price go live in a remote part of the world, where there is a famine for food and money to experience mentally and physically how it feels to not know where his next meal is coming from?!

Could Apostle Price consider a delinquent mortgage payment, diminishing the funds he currently possesses. On top of that, could he consider living in an unpaid off house while rejecting salary from the church or any money given based on his name (as a famous preacher). Would he do that just to see how it is to get backed up on a mortgage payment and not knowing how bills are going to be paid? I know he would not consider doing any of that because he has been connected with Prosperity doctrine so long(it’s been  decades). Out of all the stories Price has studied for years,  if he has ever experienced living by faith it was long before his days with Kenneth Hagin Word Faith Movement.

They have not seen living on faith with the money they have acquired is from running the mega ministries for years.  It is very ridiculous. The offering plates are gone. Those days are long gone; they are using buckets, and garbage cans to fulfill their greed.  There is a new thing of handing money to preacher while he’s preaching that is happening in most churches today because of televangelists. They will run up to the front to and throw money on the altar. They have turned the House of God into a strip club, and the preachers have become pimps.

For those who may not understand. I believe in giving,  and giving alms and things given not to be seen of men. We are not to boast in the acts.  I believe in giving in an offering. Please understand. I will say not all churches are corrupt like those of  Dr. Price and Freeman. Could a bad apple spoil the bunch for the unbelievers to see an example of  Truth in the Church with all the new gimmicks and games going on many of the churches today? It is sad when the world does not know where to go when they are crying out for help. Jesus is the answer. Dr., Pastor  Fred Price, Freeman standing up there with thousands of people just watching them is not pastoring. They are not watching for your soul.   They are so out of touch; they are so not in living the reality of truth. People have placed them on a pedestal above the Bible. They have sold out to the devil so long ago. People are paying to build their airplanes jets. It has surpassed ridiculous


With the high profileration of Prosperity Doctrine consider and the Motive

I do not believe in being holding treasure up for myself. There are people that need help; there are causes and legitimate purposes that we must help. I know all the scriptures pertained to tithes and offering already full understanding.  In the regard of the prosperity doctrine, Price and others if you did not have money to give what would be your firstfruits, tithes, offering? What would you render? If you did not earn money, of course, you would still have something to give.  Would  Price and Freeman want it?No, We are talking about greed in the pulpit.  There are people who did not work for money even in 2013. Money is not at the top of their list.  Even today there are some planters, etc. Whatever you earned or so long as giving and God has have given you the ability to labor,  and if you are not holding back from God in any area of your life, is not that fine?!  There are still some people who work on a farm. Some might have minimal to nothing tangible give, but they will give in time and are sincere to Lord. We do not need to proliferate Money above God because it has become like that in churches of today with the 200 dollar, 300 dollar line, and 1000 dollar line.  Another thing is there are elderly people who give their monthly checks to people like Dr. Price and have managed to do so for years, and most of what these televangelists are teachings are honestly not biblical. Even more sadly the medium size,  smaller churches have managed to follow the nonsense. Having a place of worship or going to a church building as in grandma’s times or back it is just going to become non-existent with the way everything is going (as we see the signs of the end times). Be leery. Even church has become just like a club. Jesus said my house shall be called the house of prayer. The church on a large scale has gotten off.  It is time to pray. It is the signs of the time.

Word Faith Movement as they are known have misconstrued faith

I do not want to tie biblical faith with the Word Faith movement because it is two different things. Christians are supposed to have faith. Without faith, it is impossible to please the Lord. Hebrews 11 KJV records, without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is. Despite,  Price along with Word Faith Movement crew have misconstrued biblical faith and correlated it with an erroneous version of what is being called the word faith movement doctrines.  They have managed to detour people from Truth.  Price’s teachings are that of his late mentor late Kenneth Hagins teachings and heretical colleagues Kenneth Copeland, Leroy Thompson,  Creflo Dollar, Jesse Duplantis all these men are demonic. Many others noted speakers who will attest to having a core Rhema Institute and Hagins Camp Meetings such as Kim Daniels.  It is very imperative to be careful with their teachings, and just simply to avoid their teachings, and I have to say that to those who are caught up, do not be!Kate Mcveigh’s core teachings were under Kenneth Hagins ministry, and the list goes on.

Although there has been a massive decline in Fred Price’s Faith Dome congregation size, Apostle Fred has had a way for many years of just saying and doing anything from the confounds of his platform.  Many people who will just listen to foolishness and believe it. Fred Price renounces false teachings directly from Baal altar that you brought into the house of God.  Shame! The hearts of the simple who cleave to counterfeit Christians instead of the real Christian followers of Christ, be leery. Matthew 24:24 KJB For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.


Fred Price renounce your satanic allegiance and false teachings directly from Baal’s altar that you have brought into the house of God. Shame!

Pastor Mike Freeman is a jokestar who has no fear of God. He and his wife host marriage seminars across the country.


Pastor Mike and Dee Freeman Superman and Superwoman?

I recall observing Mike Freeman’s broadcasts, and often seeing abruptly at the bottom of the screen several photo captions appear of Pastor Mike profiling and posing while he was teaching. That is distracting. The similar to the above photo minus the cartoon has that appearance. It was just always self-centered.  I heard Dr. Freeman speak on a broadcast saying that he would smack anyone in the coffin who dies before the age of like 70. I was so baffled by it. I have heard him sing r&b songs during sermons “ain’t no mountain high enough”, and he does remix of Parliament Funkadelics. I would advise any Christian couple who feels like they are facing problems marital, I would advise them to avoid attending The Freeman’s  Marriage Made EZ seminars. The filth provided by the Freeman’s is not the way, and it is very vulgar. Jesus Christ is the way. Seek His Face.

Romans 16:18KJB For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.

Acts 8 KJB speaks about Simon the Sorcerer. That  is what these men such as Apostle Pastor, Dr. Fred Price, and  Pastor, Dr. Michael Freeman have managed to do which is work sorcery, witchcraft, and divination. It is very sad.