Gospel artist Vashawn Mitchell performed at the Union Temple Baptist Church. It is not hard to the see ankh symbol just over the pulpit. Outside of this incident, I have taken notice this artist performed at a church promoting gangs as holy rap hip hop artist. To make things worse this is not right when the pastor can literally put up little Johnny and his thug friends to lead worship service when everybody know the colors they are always performing in, the gang signs they are always doing, and they tell the audience to throw the h’s up (like everybody don’t know). Although h is a letter of the alphabet people know exactly what they are doing “The devil sign”.

They have no fear of God in their heart for him, nor reference or respect at all.

Back to the photo at hand. It is an ankh symbol not a holy cross. Amongst its noted encyclopedia meanings, it is used to represent a goddess Venus worshipped in Ancient Cyprus. It is a symbol worn and shown to display focus to the egyptian gods. The cirlce is often said to be nile river, and the cross to represent the sun from east to west.

unitybaptistchurchmock Ankh_1840

The symbol is often shown with egyptian neopagan, new age depiction alongside and worn by Osiris and Nefertiti.The symbol is often used to touch a tomb as a handled amulet to assure regrowth, and life. As followers of Jesus Christ we know that symbol does not represent eternal life.
We know the truth is that the Bible talks about how the Lord delivered his children out of Egypt and bondage. We should not worship in take part in things set unto idol gods. The picture depicts not only so called famous figures, but it is relating  all other religions joined together under a ankh, at table saying “man know thy self”. In the middle of that photo is a depiction of Haile Selassie a false god.   Shamefully these places are pack on a sunday morning. Shamefully gospel artist claim to represent Jesus Christ, but they perform in there. Sad!

John 4:24 KJV God is a spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.