With the varying trends emerging, skinny jeans are now being worn by both women and men. What’s to figure, everybody showing they figure. Is respect becoming a thing of the past even by ministers?! Has modesty gone out the window?! Sure you will see styles are changing from the street to the pulpit. You will see varying trends of what’s going on from the latest fashion twists, and many pastors are giving a new twist into skinnier clothes. Paula White is known for short skimpy, skinny skirts even in the pulpit.


Her skirts are so short until she cannot hold both hands straight down to her sides and have the skirt longer than her finger tips. It just does not happen. The school has more standards than the church.  This is the same kind of behavior principals send kids home from school when the skirt is too short. For ministers who dress  like that all let alone those who would deliberately  come in the pulpit that way, what an example of no respect.

On the hand it is common for some ministers throw on certain hats according to where they are at any given time. For example, Juanita Bynum for the most part will throw on the skinny jeans for the street, and long robe for the church. What an example. People will see your example of tight pants in streets, and a long missionary robe on. There is a now a missionary side, and a secular side.  It is probably is more of  contradictory for who Bynum used preach about “Her” convictions of wearing “hot pants” as she called them.   Now although that was a time the wherein Juanita Bynum would speak of Mother Boyd, she has changed. She spoke of the provocative spirit and fleshly spirit that would ignite when she wore tight pants because it reminded her of her former life prior to receiving salvation. Many people knew what she was talking about as it does promote self glorification and attention to the flesh. We are to deny ourselves. We all know Bynum has gone through a bit of trauma her divorce, yet that is no reason for her behavior  because they stay up in those positions and people not following Christ but are actually put them on pedestal whatever they do, no matter the example. We can attest Bynum’s decisions are frequently not sane, yet you can expect as any people are drawn to them because of their name. These are fans, not true saints. Literally people who negate to follow them only as they follow Christ.  Now I will mention the tight clothes because we live in a time wherein embracing anything no denial of self. Secondly men and woman are attending large congregations to see who they will find,( Matthew 5:8 But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart). Having said that help those brothers in the church out and use some modesty.  Has the word these ministers preached decades ago become no longer relevant in 2013. What can be said of those who were following the examples of these preachers back then before they given heed to seducing spirits, and they were convicted by their old messages, and  have changed their lives and were truly walking closer to Christ, but they have been caught up into following the evangelist instead of following Jesus Christ (whom they should have been following), and now the preacher changed have their direction to say now do whatever and wear whatever and preach it through lifestyle and sometimes in the pulpit, so  now the follower is confused and will continue following the detoured preacher( that’s what majority will do), or either they will stop following and at all (large majority), or he will turn to Christ.  This is all because of the poor examples that are conveyed to them not limited to dress,  but full scope of how you carry yourself as a Christian, your fruits.

Why make the church into a social dating gallery?! The televengelists have become  celebrities in the pulpit, and the scene of  hollywood is right in the church. Why I heard one minister say there is more actor in the church than hollywood. It is sad, but it is true.

I have  a in my archives of tape of Juanita, her brother, and sister all around in the kitchen playing and mocking the Holy Spirit, while their mother sits back and does not say anything. It’s really not surprising that Bynum’s mother still sits around and has seen Bynum act like this for quite some time. Ex-husband Thomas Weeks  tries to say in a youtube video his former mother law suffers dementia, but it is more than that. Money has quieten the elders in her life. She is buying her mother things, and the same can be said of her former pastor. Juanita recently said she would sit down and stop pastoring if her former pastor said to do so, and she did not and that pastor had seen Juanita had gotten way off. When a person has wisdom or if they are in elder person  given a responsiblity to part wisdom, it is very imparitive that they are never able to  stop people from telling truth because they are given hush money.


Gullible people hop in the lines.

Bynum’s sister Kathy praying laying hands one day.  Another day she is in the tube tops and acting worldy.  A double minded man is unstable in all his way. We live in a time people just allow anybody and to lay hands on them these days with out discerning of lifestyle.   What in the world!



Congregants should have known Eddie Long what was being Birthed at New Birth with the pastor who never ceases to wear tight clothes. Jude 1:7 speaks about going after strange flesh.  John 3:6 say That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit

Bishop Greg Davis is divorced from Pastor Kim Davis, and they both are ministers in the full gospel baptist church organization which just a mess in of itself. Paul Morton and the Full Gospel Baptist Church would just be a whole another story (for that topic view one of the videos concerning catholic creepers series). We must say Greg Davis attire has changed even quite a bit. The word is tight.  There are many televangelist who are shedding pounds, for various reasons and squeezing the into tight clothes .  Church ministers are  is losing purpose by competing with the world. Pray church, pray!