Bishop Larry Trotter of the New Century Fellowship and Sweet Holy Spirit church in Chicago recently put his little grand-daughter on a cross just last year to protest teacher strike due to 400,000 children deprived of education and safety.  Regarding Trotter’s idea of using his granddaughter to depict the crucifixion of Christ in manner of the teachers who were on strike from school, Bishop Trotter mentioned three nails should be used, one should with one for the mayor, another for teachers, and one for Cps.  The outrage of Trotter stemmed from students being deprived of education for the days they miss of school, and he regards the situations unsafe for children in the streets because parents could not pay for daycare.
Ironically Trotter of a 8,000 member mega church is getting government money along with large sums of offering and tithes, so why did he not start a school within his church. He spoke of the unsafety issue of the street, but home school was not suggested as means of providing education to the children. It is one of the safest way and usually does not require the parent to have a degree to participate. Any event Bishop Trotter’s unwise judgment has received a lot of attention as it is certainly unwise to place a child on the cross to prove any point. Why don’t he get up there himself. He is little enough.


Bishop Trotter is the same pastor who held a Michael Jackson candlelight vigil at his church featuring the Michael Jackson hit songs. How ridiculous!
Well there has been recent news circulating regarding Bishop Larry Trotter in the bathtub with his granddaughter. I remember several generations back some parents many parents would use the same bath water as the children. Some people (usually mothers) take baths with their infant to usually walking age young toddlers, but this is about about 4 year old child who will recollect that situation of being in the bathtub with her grandfather. Many of these children are wiser. For the most part even a preschool age child knows whats going. If this man molested his granddaughter, this child usually would be aware, and will have her chance to speak on it. I know there is affection that can be shown towards your children and grandchildren, but this is not.Why an individual would have a photo taken of granddaughter and grandfather in the bathtub, and place it on the internet and feel like that is normal. It is not! And no it would not have been right if it was boy either. Just take a bath by yourself grown old man.
That is a bathtub not a swimming pool.