Cameron Dorsey (murder suspect/victim’s grandson)


HOUSTON – Homicide detectives now say a man and woman were beaten to death before their house was set on fire in southeast Houston Thursday morning.

Firefighters found the bodies of 89-year-old Clements Dorsey and 61-year-old Barbara Alexander inside their home in the 8100 block of Dover.

Police say someone killed them both and set the house on fire to try and cover their tracks.

“It’s obvious that someone was in a rage when they conducted this crime, and as they went throughout the home,” said Sgt. JJ Wilson with HPD’s Homicide Division. “We have a lot of blood and a lot of evidence from the garage up to the front door of the home.

Police want to question Dorsey’s 19-year-old grandson, Cameron Dorsey. He moved in with his grandparents after he was released from jail. Relatives say the grandfather recently told the teen he had to find another place to live.

Police believe Cameron Dorsey may be in his grandparent’s missing SUV. It is a gold 2004 Toyota Forerunner.

Clements Dorsey was caring for his wife, who has dementia. A relative at the scene said his grandmother slept through the chaos and wasn’t harmed.

Warren Campbell said he visited his grandparents regularly and wished he had arrived earlier Thursday morning.

“Me and the baby went to go eat breakfast instead of coming straight over here,” he said. “I feel bad because if I had just come straight over here, Maybe I could’ve stopped whatever was going on.”

Dorsey was a pastor at Holy Temple of Jesus Christ church. Neighbors say he had a huge heart and frequently helped people who were down on their luck.

“I just don’t have words to say why. But God knows best. That’s all I can say, God knows best,” said Theresa Williams, a friend.

“Very strong in God. Very,” said Kimberly Williams, who said the Dorseys helped raise her daughter. “They brought clothes, they brought diapers, and they helped my mom.”

Dorsey also owned several rental homes in the neighborhood.

The pastor’s son urged Cameron Dorsey to surrender to police.

“If he’s watching right now, just come on in and talk to someone who’s going to talk to him,” said Dorsey.

Cameron Dorsey had been in jail on a charge of theft from the elderly.