Source: GCM Watch

In July, GCM Watch reported that the Cleveland based Joint College of African American Pentecostal Bishops had released a strongly worded rejection of homosexual clergy. But now, new information reveals that Official Statement was simply an attempt to cover up the school’s knowing admission of an openly homosexual bishop.

O.C. Allen, founder of an Atlanta  homosexual church attended and was certified by the school and is now wearing the school’s insignia.

Bishop J. Delano Ellis, his staff and roster of high powered, high profile bishops had been extremely silent and guarded as questions began to surface.   Allen and his cadre of gay clerics sported the insignia of the JCAAPB during their 2012 meeting in Atlanta. Several ministers connected to the school said that Ellis was afraid of the controversy that might erupt if he publicly confronted Allen so he has remained silent, hoping it would not be noticed. But GCMW found out that Allen threatened to sue the school if it did not admit him.

The fiery voiced Ellis who started the college  in 1993 along with Bishop Paul Morton, Bishop Wilbert McKinley, Bishop Roy Brown tout the organization as a place of rigorous training for those who operate in episcopal offices.

And according to its website the JCAAPB has  ” grown into the premiere development center for the Episcopacy in the African American culture.”

The website says “The reputation of Archbishop J. Delano Ellis is well established as being a blend of compassion for leadership and a bulwark for legitimate and principled order for all episcopal issues.”

Central to the issue at hand, the “Official Statement on Homosexuality insisted that “The ordination of a practicing homosexual to any church office contradicts the clear mandate of God.  Therefore, the Joint College will NEVER accept or bless same-sex unions of any kind or grant those living such a lifestyle Apostolic Succession into Holy Office.” (their italics)

But the official statement doesn’t address the problem which prompted it. In fact, the letter is a artful lie. The Joint College didn’t ordain Allen nor did they give him “apostolic succession”. That was never the real problem. But Ellis did deliver to Allen what he wanted: legitimacy. Fearful of a threat to sue, Ellis caved in and gave him what he wanted.

Orlando Short, Jr., an adjutant with Joint College told GCM Watch, ” The College was not legally ready for an openly gay bishop to come to the college. He was stopped at the door, but because of charter verbage, [sic] he would have been able to sue if we denied him. He was quiet the whole time there. While there, he bought patches and gave them to his bishops. Because of this the letter was drafted to let people know what we believe.”

GCMW contacted Ellis’ office for a statement, but none was forthcoming. Instead of Ellis being truthful publicly about the situation and in the process warning other leaders, he played along with the deception for the sake of image. Despite all of his fiery condemnation of homosexuality and homosexual clerics, Ellis and his school has lost its credibility as any legitimate guardian of the Pentecostal heritage.

Some see the situation as both an attack and a colossal failure on the organization’s part.

“Its a shame for the Joint College to issue such a powerful statement on the issue of homosexuality and then, even consider a practicing sexually immoral person to darken the doorsteps of an institution such as the Joint College of Bishops,” said Pastor Fred Rochester of Brooklyn, New York.

“The capitulation of the Joint College is another example of the LGBT (gay) agenda to get the true church of God to surrender by perverted infiltration, its absolute Biblical position and right to prevent those that practice sexual immorality a place at the table of truth. It is another attempt by homosexuals to further erode the pillar and ground of the truth into a pile of worthless rubble.”

Allen is a cohort of former pentecostal bishop Carlton Pearson who was rejected and branded a heretic by Ellis and the Joint College in 2004 for his doctrine of inclusion teaching.  Allen and his homosexual religious organization are seeking legitimacy by association and the Joint College provided the perfect setting for both proxy revenge and the semblance of legitimacy he desired.

A former member of the Joint College, who asked not to be named summed up  his disgust with Ellis’ gay bishop debacle.  “This is a disgrace,” he said.