Pride of Life: Arrow Records is where DOLLARS make SENSE?!

We are only reporting the facts.

Arrow Records is an affiliate of Creflo Dollar Ministries, is a Word-based record company located in College Park, Georgia. Established in 1998, our mission is to restore gospel music back to its original purpose-to usher in the power and presence of God, to encourage the brokenhearted, heal the sick, deliver the captives, and save the lost


Arrow Soul was established to give artists an opportunity to share their creative visions and expressions within the mainstream arena without compromising their integrity.

Simply put…WE KEEP IT CLEAN while maintaining relevancy!! Arrow Soul is a subsidiary of Arrow Global Entertainment, which is an affiliate of Creflo Dollar Ministries were Taffi Dollar is the CEO. “Ministry is PRIORITY #1, and we believe that even today’s mainstream music can minister to people throughout.” (editors note: Arrow Records is ultimately controlled by Universal Music Group). Arrow’s featured artist is non other than Alexandria “DRIA” Dollar.

According to her biography DRIA is inspired by her family and artists such as Missy Elliot, Rihanna, and Aaliyah. Her inspiration from these people encourages her to keep persevering and moving forward, toward her dreams.  (editors notes: RACK city is another name for a lot of money).

“Don’t try to get on my level thirsty hoes on my d*!@ somebody pass me a bottle. Until you meet me you don’t know what rich is… I’m feeling good nothing on my wishlist not to mention all these diamonds on my necklace, I see them Nig** slobbing hoping they can get this..”