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Source: Foxnews

Gospel singer James Fortune faces a lawsuit for  allegedly abusing his stepson back in 2001. According to the case notes, James Fortune became upset when his  4 year old stepson colored on a table at school.    Mr. Fortune very cruelly placed his naked stepson in scalding hot water and whipped him, causing the child severe life threatening burns. The boy was flown to Shriner’s Burn Hospital, where he remained for 63 days with second and third degree burns over majority of his body.

Fortune pleaded guilty to the charges in 2003, and received a six year deferred adjudication. The child’s biological father Roderick Ravenport is suing the James Fortune for $5 million.

Sad abuse treatment suffered to his stepchild. James Fortune does have biological children wife Cheryl Fortune. What is he doing with them?



Pictured below is the child’s biological father Roderick Ravenport .What is he going to teach his son?

Roderick Ravenport