A 3rd grader of Union Elementary School was  accused of stealing 20 dollars. A little girl dropped the money in the cafeteria, when 10 year old Justin pick up the money and gave it back to her. She later told others that somebody stole her money.  Pressumbly students accused Justin of stealing it. The assistant principal stripped the boy in the presence of a male janitor. He was asked to take off everything, except his undershirt and boxers. According to the student, the assistant principal continue the search by putting her fingers inside the edges of his underwear.After the money was not found, she gave the student a hug and apologized.When the student’s mother Mrs Cox arrived home from work, she  saw her son standing in the drive way seemingly very disturbed. He told her what happened.  Mrs. Cox told reporters that school officials did not inform her about the incident.   She was outraged because of what happened to her son, and she felt nobody had the right to do such an intrusive search on her son except her.The school spokesperson agreed the principal may have been overzealous in her actions, but justified to do the search.News reporter tried to contact the head school officials to examine validity of the search, however they were out of town and unavailable for comments.