Source: Huffington Post

A drunk, pregnant mother who stumbled into a Texas tattoo shop for a piercing was taken away in a pair of shiny cuffs after she left her 10-month-old daughter alone in her car, police said.

Houston police arrested 20-year-old Stephanie Irene Santana early Wednesday morning in the parking lot of Dagos Tattoo Shop on the North Freeway. A spokesperson for Dagos Tattoo Shop was unavailable for comment Thursday morning. In an interview with Houston’s KTRK, an employee who calls himself “Yogi” said Santana came into Dagos at about 4 a.m. Wednesday and asked about a piercing.

“She asked me how long would the piercing take, and I said, ‘Why would you ask me how long would it take because there is nobody in here?’ And she said, ‘Because I have a baby in the car.’ That’s when I asked her who’s watching the baby. She said, ‘Nobody, the baby is asleep,'” Yogi told the news station.

Concerned for the welfare of the child, studio employees asked Santana to leave. Yogi told KTRK they watched her stumble to her car and fall asleep behind the wheel of her running car, while her daughter sat unrestrained in the passenger’s seat.

“She was asleep in the car and we called the police,” Yogi said.