Source: Repent Gospel Artist
Please pay very close attention to this article, because we are living in dangerous times. Whenever we hear of a famous singer like Helen Baylor getting delivered from drug abuse and overcoming painful obstacles in her life and in the secular music industry, it is a testimony. Then, to hear Helen Baylor admit that gospel music industry is not much different than the secular music industry, it a forewarning for the church to finally wake up and change. It is time for preachers of today to began preaching holiness or hell, not just to their followers, but also to those within the gospel music industry. We have been telling you, time and time again, it is time for gospel artists to be real about God’s music and stop acting like the celebrities, just so they can get the mainstream music industry’s money, God is not pleased.
The pastors, bishops and evangelists are responsible for not preaching against gospel artists being celebrities, because too many of them are trying to be celebrities, themselves. Too many secular artists are dying and going to hell and it is time for gospel artists to choose who they will serve, God or the Devil. There is going to come a time when we are going to witness God’s wrath on many gospel artists more than ever before, because they are sharing the world’s fame and fortune. They are classifying themselves as celebrities and it is very unfair for them to classify themselves as celebrities and live like celebrities if many celebrities in the world are yet dying and losing their lives. No doubt, many secular promoters in the entertainment industry like Don Cornelius and secular music artists like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Chuck Brown, Etta James, Heavy D. and now Donna Summer may not have died before their time, if they would have been approached at least by gospel artists whom were not only going to witness to them, but set an example of true holiness in their presence. People in the world have got to see a difference in order to change and it does not matter who is not preaching this fact, it must be known.
Helen Baylor could have been another celebrity dead before her time, but because she knows Jesus Christ, she is still here. She chose to not only sing for Christ, but live a holy life for Him and her music has been a ministry, not to entertain similar to the world’s standards. God is going to bless her for telling the truth, because it is not fair for her to have witness the same pressure as a gospel artist while not seeing an example of holiness in the gospel music industry. She should not have had to endure drug addiction and experience a failed marriage of marriage after coming into the gospel music industry. There needs to be such an anointing, gifted gospel artists like Helen Baylor who once were secular music artist would see and feel a difference among those within the same industry as herself. Such demonic powers should not be able to spoil gospel artists as wealthy celebrities, so that they will be willing to entertain instead of winning souls for Jesus Christ through their music. Their music should be so distinct from secular music, many people would experience deliverance from Satanic forces from all types of sins that have them in spiritual bondage. The gospel music industry is supposed to be so different that when a secular music artists finds Jesus and comes to sing for Him, they do not have to be around those whom are mainly celebrities entertaining for fame and fortune, instead of witnessing as ministers for Jesus Christ. They need to be in the presence of true holiness. We will still say this, gospel music is a ministry, it is not supposed to be confused with secular music and gospel artists are supposed to be ministers in song, not to be confused with celebrities whom are sinners in world.
What is it going to take before we see things turn around for God’s glory in the gospel music industry? Is it going to take a string of big names in the gospel music industry to die just like secular music artists before there is a fear of God? We are forewarning the entire gospel music industry to stop being entertainers and start saving lost souls for Jesus Christ. If you refused to do so, then just go out in the world and sing for the Devil, because God wants you to be real like he told us in this following scripture:So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.’ -Revelation 3:16
Here are some more scriptures we have posted in our previous articles before you watch this following video. Please take heed, because if you claim to be a born again Christian, then you are supposed to obey what they Bible says, not just go along with the flow, just because all the other gospel artists are doing it and the average minister of this age will not forewarn you.
In I John 2:15 it says this, ‘Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.’
In I Peter 1:16, it says: ‘Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy’
Helen Baylor recently gave a very transparent testimony regarding her struggles with drug addiction and the demons associated with the music industry including the Gospel Music Industry.It takes great courage to stand up and step out on faith. Please watch her testimony and keep her and others working in the music…Read full article, here.