Sermon Title: For Men Only and the Women Who Love Them?

That does not many any sense at all because if the women are there to hear the sermon, how can it be only for the men? Nonsense.

The congregation literally laughs at this stuff Mcbath preaches. We found this pastor tries to think of ways to, literally flip the script,  intergate profanity in his sermons much like R.A. Vernon and others who practice using  reverse phraseologies to appease the audience because of what’s popular, for a laugh or whatever reason. It is imperative to know whatever is inside man heart(spirtitually if it be malice, anger, envy or anything) will come out  through the mouth and through their actions especially if it’s being entertained.  Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. For this pastor or any pastor etc. who gets up before his congregation and says something like that, it is not farfetched to know they have been entertaining what proceeds out  their mouthes.

I read in an article the church in the video is amongst 1 of the hundred largest churches in America. It is really sad people when people sit in church for comedy shows, to be entertained, with no discernment. Sure we know Boaz, and anybody else’s name  was not meant to be used like that. Where are the people that will stand for truth?

Pastors should be ministering messages that are going to change people lives and draw them closer to Jesus Christ, not messages of thinking of others ways to use words in derogatory and profane manners to appear popular and cool to people.

Pray that people’s eyes would be opened in the last hour! Watch and Pray!