Ashlee Tolleson (pictured)

Source: KSLA News


Several local hospitals said they have removed Bibles from patient rooms for fear of germs, but some in the Upstate are fighting to have Bibles back by hospital bedsides.  You may or may not have noticed Bibles aren’t at the bedside of the sick at Spartanburg Regional, Anmed Health and Mission Hospital in Asheville.  All three organizations said they have the Bibles along with other religious reading material available upon request. Spartanburg Regional said it was done to prevent the spread of germs. They also released this statement:”Bibles and other spiritual materials are not left in patient rooms but are made available any time a patient or family member makes a request for them. Due to internal policies to prevent the spread of infection, we ensure that our rooms remain free of materials that may have been handled by multiple patients.”

The other two hospitals didn’t release why the Bibles aren’t in patient rooms. A local pastor and his congregation at First Baptist Church in Mayo want to bring the Bibles back.”We just believe that God’s will is that important,”said Pastor Daryl Tolleson. “I found out through an email that a fellow pastor went to visit a patient and when to reach for the Bible and it was gone.” They have even started a Facebook group called “Bring the Bibles Back.” Tolleson’s wife, Ashlee, says her brother was in the hospital two years ago and the Bibles were in the rooms here. They both say they’re going to fight to bring Bibles back in hospital rooms in the Upstate. Greenville Hospital System told us they have Bibles in every room.