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Music World Entertainment’s singer Leandria Johnson (unmarried) recently announced that she is pregnant .  The 29 year old singer was the winner of the tv series BET’s Sundays Best which is claimingly a gospel singing competition, but has no biblical standards. According to what is displayed on the show, no focus on salvation, and people not even required to be first partakers. The show’s primary objective is to discover the next “idol” winner or superstar, just like the American Idol show.   Sundays Best’s require audition contestants to sing perform gospel selection intially, then it later on requires the same individuals to sing secular songs as part of the show’s requirement.

Johnson signed under the Music World Entertainment, since the show. The label is compromised and comprised of many areas gospel and r&b etc.  It is a inclusion colliding stream.In a recent interview Johnson stated that she would  go mainstream.  She is actually mainstream already which is thorougly expressed in her thoughts regarding the bible,  and in her actions,  but she is classified as gospel singer. Moreover, she states in her own words that she has no boundaries, not in a box.  If thought many of the artist carrying a gospel titled are sold out to Jesus Christ, it is in fact just the opposite. They are instead sold out the industry. James 1:8 says a double minded man is unstable in all his way. This young lady definentely needs prayer that she would come into the truth which is found in Jesus Christ, and that her mind would be renewed in word of God. Through Johnson’s actions and response, she is really blaming God for issues in her life. She had to deal with much even stemming from the lost of her brother, been through two failed marriages.  She is now pregnant with a fourth child. In interview Johnson recalls that she was in bible studay service and preachers were preaching against sin, and that people should not waddle in their sins because it would lead them to hell.  Leandria expressed that she “hates” people like that. Leandria says she was one those people who was waddling in sin and kept coming to the altar, and doing it again. According to a recent interview on soundcloud, Johnson basically expresses people who will preach against sin, judging sin etc, are casting a stone only to lead the judged person soul to hell according to her song, and the interview . I would have to disagree with Leandria because the word says give them warning (Ezekial chapter 3) because you save their souls from destruction.  It is a love that you are telling them of their sin. There is compassion in doing so. For example, if you see somebody walking backwards with car going 100 miles per hour getting ready to hit them, if you don’t tell them or warn them, then thats is not love. That person might have heard the car coming, but was not fully of the outcome of the impeding, life threatning danger. If you tell them and decide not to move the blood is not on your hands anymore.

In that interview Johnson, says about casting the first There are a lot of singers out there with minimal word,  biblical premise, and ones who do not display lifestyle crucified with Christ as Galatians 2:20, and it really does not help to have them quote on quote minister to others when there are apparent  strongholds in their lifes because it more so encourages them to do it continously. It more so helps in that state, when they  sit down and become ministered to. in Romans 10:14 How can they hear without a preacher? But  now today people are seemingly developed a mindset of how can  they without a singer instead of preacher. The answer is because many are more so gravitated to the flesh.   who play these sirens into  spirits of the congregation, and because it sound pleasant to hears,  it somehow makes it okay, although  the lifestlye is reflective of the opposite of the Bible.  Yes we will pray for you, but as well is important for individuals who take the role of, singing or quote on quote minister in songs in is imparitive that they get on their knees and cry out to the Lord for closer walk with Jesus. It is the anointing that destroys the yokes.

Think of just how many people who like Johnson, who go to church hear the preaching about sin and become defiant because they do not want to change.  The spirit of people who follow impeded to change are likely to become the same way because it has been played into their spirit. Ephesians say be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive; Anybody questioning judging fruits,character sins, you have to leery of it.

This young lady is called for engagements to sing “minister in song” suprisinlgy “whistle in song”(what in the world) according to youtube video. Leandria’s recent album is called the Awakening? The main focus talks about being judged. Leandria expresses the facts hates judgmental people. Many are appauled that Johnson unmarried, pregnant and currently unremorseful without regard of the sin. Is there any regard for the way  for all  children or even her own children who might be are looking up to her. It could encourage them to do it especially when it’s unadressed.  Johnson’s album titled the Awakening places has song called’ He without sin cast the first stone’, which is likely a precursor to recent news that she is a wedlock pregnacy.   There are minimal people holding to the commandments of the bible, which we are supposed to. There are many inconsiderate of the the full Bible from Genesis to Revelations. Many prefer to say we are saved by grace, as a justification to whatever they want. Leandria Johnson is among many of the artist today, and more so accept it has a common practice of today’s society that anything goes within new emergant and inclusions. It is no wonder that she would feel that way with the church in condition its in.  The reporter in Johnson’s interview talks of her being in a backslidin state, but never really heard Johnson refer to herself on that interview as backslider. The young lady irrelevantly disregards any morals commandments and respect at all. She aims to paint a picture idol worship which that is in fact what she is trying to do make a up/set up a god in her mind with no standards. She responds with basically no sorry  or apologies  to anyone about clearly going against biblical standards, or even standards as a young lady. Below is her recent statement.

“In recent weeks, there have been numerous published reports stating that I am pregnant. I would like to take this time to confirm that I am pregnant and due in September. I have been feeling well and maintaining a healthy appetite. I have been busy traveling around the country with my music ministry. One can only imagine that as a mother and mother-to-be, my plate is quite full—taking the kids to school, doing homework, cooking—regular mother duties. I have been blessed to have the love and support of my church, family, friends, label, management, and fans. I have received so many beautiful and thoughtful notes and prayers from people all over the country. I ask that you continue to pray for me and my family. I cannot do this alone. I will continue to pray for God’s guidance and protection over my life. I love you all very much and I will be in touch soon.”   –  Le’Andria Johnson