Brittany Crouch Koper

Trinity Broadcasting Network’s president and founder Paul Crouch Sr.’s policy of putting family members in positions of power at the largest “Christian” TV network in the world may have come back to bite him. His granddaughter, Brittany Crouch Koper, who served as TBN’s chief financial officer, is accusing TBN “of unlawfully distributing charitable assets worth more than $50 million to the company’s directors.”

Koper filed a federal lawsuit against two TBN lawyers, Douglass S. Davert and David C. Loe, who reportedly instructed her to “shut up” about what she discovered in her position as financial officer. The complaint says that the lawyers intimidated Ms. Koper into returning her own perks which included her house, car, jewelry, life insurance and home furnishings. Failure to do so would result in jail time for her, the attorneys allegedly threatened. According to Koper, a false lawsuit had been filed against her and her husband Michael, also a TBN employee, charging them with misappropriation of funds, in October, 2011, in an attempt to stop her whistle blowing. That case was closed by the plaintiffs after she complied with the demands.

Coincidentally, that same month Koper’s father, Paul Crouch Jr, resigned his position from TBN as Chief of Staff, to “pursue other ministry opportunities.” His hasty retreat baffled many people. Why would he leave TBN as second in command next to hid dad to take a position at a small minority-owned network?

“Observers have often wondered how the Crouches can afford multiple mansions on both coasts, a $50 million jet and chauffeurs,” said Koper’s attorney, Tymothy MacLeod to the Orange County Register who broke the story of Koper’s lawsuit on February 9, 2012. That same day, Paul Crouch Sr. and his younger son Matthew Crouch made veiled threats at anyone who would try to come against TBN.

“There have been a few attempts in the TBN history to upset TBN, to stop TBN,” said Matt Crouch to his father on Behind the Scenes. “You know, there have been a few fools in the 39-year history…and you know what – any attempt at stopping TBN — they have no idea who they’re actually pushing into the corner. You and mom get pushed in a corner – God help you. That’s a lesson I’ve learned from you, seriously.”

“God help anyone who would try to get in the way of TBN, which was God’s plan,” Paul Crouch responded. “I have attended the funeral of at least two people who tried.”

That threat should be taken seriously when you consider Brittany Koper’s allegations in her complaint that her Uncle Matthew brandished a firearm to threaten her.

Matthew Crouch “began tapping the firearm he had brought to the meeting and asked Ms. Koper what she thought would happen when she wrote a memo to the board critical of Matthew Crouch’s financial improprieties. Matthew Crouch continued tapping the gun he was holding to ensure that Ms. Koper recognized the lethal threat being made.”

Several years ago, someone who was suing TBN for plagiarism told this reporter that after filing suit against them, her brake lines were cut on her car and she was being tailed wherever she went. If these allegations are true, then TBN cannot point the finger at God for their protection. They seem to be taking matters into their own hands.

Lewdness at TBN

Another strange twist to this story is the accusation that defendant David Loe sexually harassed Koper on more than one occasion when she was working with him. The complaint says,
“Defendant Loe touched Ms. Koper in an overtly sexual manner repeatedly, told Ms. Koper that he was sexually aroused, made lewd and derogatory comments about engaging in sexual acts with Ms. Koper, and offered illegal drugs to Ms. Koper, who was defendant Loe’s client in that matter and others. In a business meeting, Mr. Loe made repeated remarks about Ms. Koper’s breast enhancement surgery, reached across the table in front of witnesses, and grabbed Ms. Koper’s breasts to (as Mr. Loe put it) ‘see if they feel real.’ After Ms. Koper repeatedly refused defendant Loe’s sexual advances, defendant Loe became cruel, vindictive, and malicious toward Ms. Koper.”The Register reported “ that Koper is readying documentation regarding her charges and will submit a package to the Internal Revenue Service for its review.” Time will tell if Koper will follow up on this brave act or succumb to the intimidation that, she says in her complaint, has made her physically ill with “loss of appetite, physical weakness, nausea, headaches, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, stomach and digestive problems, malnutrition, hair loss, severe insomnia, and suicidal thoughts requiring counseling and medication.”This is not the first time TBN has been rocked with scandal. In 2004, Paul Crouch Sr. settled out of court, paying out nearly half a million dollars, to keep another former employee quiet regarding an alleged 1996 homosexual fling between the two of them.The Koper case has the potential of bringing even more disgrace, not only to TBN, but to the name of Christianity in the eyes of the onlooking world. It makes the PTL scandal look like a Sunday School picnic.Brittany Koper could not be reached for comment and the defendants did not return messages left at their law office
Melissa’s Father Paul Crouch Jr. Resigning From TBN.

TBN’s legal spokesman didn’t have much to say this week other than “Paul Jr. has resigned from the organization to pursue other ministry work.” TBN is the largest Christian network in the world and was founded by Paul Crouch Sr. and his wife Jan in 1973. Paul Jr. and his brother Matthew have worked with thier parents since thier teens. In 1980 Paul Jr. went out on his own and started a successful production company.

He returned to his parents tv network in 2000 and with his brother oversaw the networks operations. Crouch Jr. divorced after an affair in 2007, and was a VP and Chief of Staff for TBN. TBN settled an employee sexual harassment suit in 2010 which named Crouch Jr. He recently oversaw the upgrading to HD and expanded TBN’s presence on digital platforms including the recent launch of  iTBN. There was no hint on twitter and Facebook this week that Crouch Jr. would abruptly leave the family business. The networks newswire was touting his achievements and goals with and for TBN just a few months ago, and he was quoted in an iTBN pr October 8th.

Brittany’s facebook page?and her dad commented.



Many listeners tune in to worship the Lord on TBN.  They do not know what they will find.  One person says one thing and another preacher comes behind him and says something else totally contrary/opposite of what the previous person said.  That is a mishaps and hard to distinguish especially for baby Christians. It is hard when a speaker of the show stated that the Koran is a good book while Christian believers are expecting to find hope in Jesus Christ. We cannot mix the Holy Bible and the Koran. And nobody says anything to reprove those things.     TBN  may have been a good channel to watch and keep on many years ago, but not anymore.  The inclusion is atrocious. You will find various doctrines, beliefs, nonbeliefs.

While TBN has the monetary resources to have satellites, and they could have been a good resource at one time to spread the gospel of Jesus of Christ, however, it has sadly turned into something else.  They have led people into embraced inclusionism. They willingly allow any and everything on the show, and they literally express nonchalant disposition regarding people souls. It is literally to the extreme of making comments about wanting to shoot people who disagreed all the pollution going on the show. Benny Hinn even said on a  TBN broadcast don’t mention people’s name on your programs, and then he began saying that he wishes he had a machine gone to blow people heads off? He even put the Holy Ghost with that statement clear blasphemy.   I was applaud to hear a minister say things like that. Why did he say that? Again because they don’t like people who mention their names when they are a wolf who operate in sheep clothing deceiving all those people.  Benny Hinn, who is a prominent speaker, visits the deceased Kathryn Kuhlman’s grave for a transference of the anointing. That is demonic and necromancy  Deuteronomy 18:10-11, also 1Samuel 28 in the KJV talks about the familiar spirit.  Hinn also says they are nine gods?  He is way off, yet people flock to these meetings.  Carlton Pearson, who was a pastor on the show, now he is with inclusionism. The speakers of TBN are just all over the place and will just say anything.  Their lifestyles are all about money.  Kenneth Copeland,  he calls  God a failure because of Adam and Eve? , and he and Joyce Meyers mentions themselves as being gods (way out of context).

TBN’s founder made a statement as follows: “And I want to say all you scribes, Pharisees, heresy hunters all of you who are going around taking little bits of doctrinal errors out of everybody’s eyes and dividing the body of Christ and arguing over splinters and doctrinal errs and dissipating and wasting all of our time when the world is going to hell.  I say get out of God’s way. Quit blocking God’s bridges or god’s going to to shoot you if I don’t.”

I don’t agree with those blasphemous things being said about God.   Does TBN screen for the poison that leak through frequently with so many people of various doctrines, beliefs and non-beliefs? There are   Muslims, Hindu, Catholics, unsaved actors being cited as Christians based on fame (Tyrese, Steve Harvey, Kelly Price the list goes on). These people are speaking into the lives of everybody who tunes into the TBN broadcasts. It is a mixture. It no longer prayer or pray-a-thon. Nearly every time you look it is a money-a-thon. TBN’s praise-a-thon features favorite ministers and money beggers for money. It is nonstop. You will find Thomas Weeks appearing with new wife Glenda Weeks, others like Paula  White, Juanita Bynum, Td Jakes, Jesse Duplantis, Creflo Dollar and the list goes on from all being said “Give me your grocery money, get up, go to the phone.” I have heard ministers on the show bribe people into who sewn various proposed seeds for healing?  Matthew 23:25 KJV Most recently I viewed one Juanita in a marathon that “god told her on her watch that 300 people are going to $1,012 to see a miracle in 48 hours?  Sad.

As many of the other televangelists fell into many incidents that drew media attention so did the TBN follow in that regard. According to reports, former worker Enoch Ford sued TBN alleging wrongful termination due to his alleged affair with Paul Crouch Sr. Ford received $425,000.

According to granddaughter Brittany Koper’s  court case, there was the abuse of the millions in donations.  Janice Crouch, who wears the pink hair, cares more about the dog than her granddaughter. Paul expressed to his granddaughter that her grandmother Janice and Matthew Crouch ‘want your heads,’ referring to the biblical account of John the Baptist’s beheading by King Herod, after John reproved Herod for certain transgressions,” Koper’s declaration reads. Grandmother Jan Crouch accused her of “biting the hand that feeds you,” and told her that she was a “naive little girl,” the declaration says. Kroper spoke out against the company and Uncle Matthew and Laurie, who has an expenditure spending of excess home improvements ranging over $19,000 and the furnishing of an over  $200,000 Bentley.

Crouch’s granddaughter Brittany came on the radio discussing her lawsuit against grandfather just last year,  and now she placed photos with her grandfather on her site just after he died. It is evident that they were all money hungry. The receiving of loads from generous contribution of donors (literally hundred of thousands and millions). It was continuously being misused and abused;  it is a little different for Brittany Koper  after her grandfather’s death portray the very opposite while he was living.

Koper was in ministry at the network at the network 2011, but now she has photos online of herself dancing on a pole.  Her dad Minister Paul Jr. commented saying “is that a dude,” instead of ministering to her.  It is not a joke what his daughter is doing.  Something is wrong. Paul Jr is over at the Word Network.  His son participates in demonic Halloween festivities, and Brandon Crouch’s wife does Hindu holy yoga, and he is the starter of TBN’s  JCTV.