Information from: Kcci/CNN News

South Korean Pastor Park, 43 who only uses his surname and his wife 34 year-old Cho are accused of starving their young children to death to ward  off evil spirits.  The couple told police  the children had become ill, after eating too much on New Years which they believed was a sign the children had been invaded by demons. Under some ritual they order the kids to kneel, as they shaved their heads to run the evil spirits away,  and they starved them from January 24 until the February 2, only allowing them to drink water. Reportedly, they tied the children’s legs and arms with stocking caps, and beat them 39 times in the morning and repeated the same method in the evening. Reportedly, all three children who were around ages 3-10 died on the same day February 2. The first child at 2 am, the second at 5a.m, and third at 7a.m.According to police, the pastor said he was “following scripture” when he confessed to killing the children. The couples church was reported as a cult two years ago.  According to police the alledged incident happened in Boseong, more than 186 miles (300 kilometers) south of Seoul. The bodies of the children were found by Pastor Park’s brother-in-law, while the couple were in the sanctuary praying in hopes of a ressurecting the children. The  only surviving child is the couple’s 8 month daughter who was not apart of the incident.