“We’ve Got the POWER” was performed by Apostle Kimberly Daniels at the Morning Star Healing Conference on God TV. There are spiritual consequences that occur when you take immoral music and mix it with moral lyrics. No matter how spiritual or christian the lyrics may seem. Placing these lyrics within the message of the (music itself) doesn’t cause the music to become moral. It perverts the message of the gospel. (two influences on a collision).

Dr. Dre pays homage to the Funkadelic movement for giving him the inspiration to create “G-Funk Music”

These practices should never be done. Music is not Amoral! You can’t just assume you can mixand match music  and expect moral godly results. In this case the people experience the FUNK and not the POWER.

George Clinton’s FUNK music will forever be known for producing sexual prevision, drug addiction, occult, baal worship, rebellion, (hiphop) and myriad of demonic activity. Therefore YOU SUMMON WHATEVER YOU SERENADE! There goes the FUNK…