Last week the creator of Soul Train Dance Show ‘Don Cornelius’ was found shot to death due to what appeared to a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head . In the video featured you notice the church celebrating the dead and aiming to pay tribute in their worship service to him. Soul Train is not a christian program at all,  although some “quote on quote” gosepl singers occcasionally appear on the show which is very much a flesh flaunting, secularized, music dance show. It is really sad to see churches like the ones in the videos who are literally so tied up in the yoke of bondage. Soul ties to Soul Train

The congregation of people are lined  up for a ride on the “train” to do all their favorite worldly dances from the show,  as well as to conjure up all the demon spirits attached to it.

Soul Train uses an African Zulu mask  representing fear ,secrecy,diguise, animal spirits.also ancestorial connections of communicating with the dead necromacy, and mythology.