MINNEAPOLIS — You could call it the birthday celebration of the century, literally.

Rev. Noah Smith turned 104-years-old this month making him the one of the oldest preachers in the nation. His family, friends and fellow worshipers celebrated his life with song and dance at Wayman African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Though he’s lived a long life Smith jokes that he’s always been a late bloomer. He didn’t enter ministry until he was 49 and wasn’t ordained until he was 52. And when he turned 81 Smith got his masters of divinity degree. He’s not done yet.

“I don’t think about it….my age too much… because I’m too busy,” he said.

Friends say his humor, humility and honesty make him a magnificent leader in the church. The way he lives his life makes him an inspiration to those who seek guidance.

“I was a little hesitant on finishing up school to get my masters of divinity so he actually…inspired me to go back because at 43. I’m not too old,” Pastor Toussaint Cheatom of St. Peter’s AME church said.

So, what’s Smith’s big secret to living so long?

“It’s not a matter of diet or I would say special health treatment or anything like that. I just worked. Do things I got to do,” he said.

Smith has a lot of things left he wants to do and hopes he has many more years to do them.

Blessing to live long life.