Source: ABC News

After 10 days trapped alone in her Toyota Corolla in freezing temperatures deep in a secluded mountain range, an Arizona woman is recovering at a Flagstaff Medical Center after being rescued from her ordeal.

Lauren Weinberg, an Arizona State University student, survived on two candy bars and melted snow for water after her car became stuck in snow outside a forest gate near a line of cliffs with no one around for miles. The 23-year-old sat in the car without a heavy coat or blanket for nearly a week and a half as another snow storm dumped more than two feet of snow around her.

“She did not have a lot in the way of provisions, she did not have a lot in the way of warm clothing,” police told ABC News. “She had a cell phone with her. She told us that she couldn’t use it because the battery was dead, and then I guess at some point because of the cold it became completely disabled.”

Weinberg had last been seen leaving her mother’s house in Phoenix on the night of Dec. 11. She drove four hours toward Arizona’s Mogollon Rim when a gate blocked her from traveling any farther. It was when she attempted to turn her car around that she became stuck.

Lauren Weinberg, 23, survived for several days on two candy bars and melted snow after her vehicle got stuck in the snow in east-central Ariz.

Lauren Weinberg pictured above